Split topic - Motion control lights manual override

Great explanation of the problem!

I didn’t like the need to create and manage the InputBooleans, and wanted a way to achieve this whilst still allowing normal control of the light through the UI.

I have come up with a solution that uses 2 Blueprints to create the automations for each light you want motion activated, but overrideable. My solution can be found in this gist

Hope it helps!

I came up with something a little different in that after 5 mins of no movement I dim the lights for 30secs before turning them off. This gives the person time to wave their arms and reactivate the light for another 5 mins by restarting the automation. Best of all it can be all done with just one automation.

- id: '1588702585432'
  alias: Bathroom Lights Control
  description: Controls bathroom lights based on motion sensor
  - device_id: 235db833caa54d49bddcb05b0f04ba12
    domain: binary_sensor
    entity_id: binary_sensor.neo4
    platform: device
    type: motion
  condition: []
  - brightness_pct: 90
    device_id: db52735c5e564774a9d7d19dd6d44e82
    domain: light
    entity_id: light.bathroom_light
    type: turn_on
  - delay: 00:05:00
  - timeout: 00:05:00
    wait_template: '{{  is_state(''binary_sensor.neo4'', ''off'')  }}'
  - brightness_pct: 50
    device_id: db52735c5e564774a9d7d19dd6d44e82
    domain: light
    entity_id: light.bathroom_light
    type: turn_on
  - delay: 00:00:30
  - device_id: db52735c5e564774a9d7d19dd6d44e82
    domain: light
    entity_id: light.bathroom_light
    type: turn_off
  mode: restart

Yeah I know, but at least I get some advance warning before the lights go out and the times can be modified as needed.

The problem I have had living in the UK is that there has not really been a good solution for the no neutral light switch conundrum. However I recently bought a Shelly 1L which I am currently testing and it seems to work well. I have the switch input set as momentary so the light turns on/off whenever the switch state changes (it needs to be set like this to work well with HA). I’m not sure if this could be made to function as an override when I need it set as momentary but will give it a try.

That’s a fantastic idea!! I have one problem with that… I don’t have dimmable lights :sob:

If your lights are not dimable then you could flash them briefly instead (i.e. turn off, delay 1s, turn on, delay 30sec before finally turning off).

Alternitively some lights support flash as per the docs but you would have to try it so see if it works for your lights:

This project concerns the implementation of a manual override for motion-controlled lights.

The subject of motion-controlled lighting is discussed in numerous other threads. Please help to keep this thread on-topic (re: manual override). Thank you.

OMG, look no further people, Vance has nailed it, his automations work exactly as I wanted. When its dark, operate the kitchen lights through PIR by default but allow the lights to stay on if manually switched. Finally I have WAF.

Side note: As all my devices are Shelly with Tasmota and show up as switches in HASS (and not lights), I had to tweak the PIR_Light automation to substitute “light” with “switch” in 3 places but other than that, job done :+1:

Nice blueprint, but it doesn’t work with a Ikea Vallhorn motion sensor.

I am not able to choose the ikea motion sensor, i don’t know why.