Motion-Sensor Automation

Hello, in the new installation I would like to create an automation with “Motion-activated Light”. A created DeconZ Aquara motion sensor can be selected as an entity. Only one DeconZ lamp can be selected as “Light”, but not e.g. Shelly1 or Sonoff-Tasmota. How can I extend the selection to all devices?

As action, don’t use ‘device’ but ‘call service’

What does “call service” mean? I can only select Scope, Device, or Entity. Here only ConbeZ “area” conservatory and the ConbeZ lamp Osram come to choose from. Otherwise no further selection is possible.



4/ choose entity

I also used that service. Light turn on, Target: Choose Device —> here only the possibility to select a lamp integrated under ConbeZ. A Shelly1 (e.g.) that is also integrated cannot be selected. Only and exclusively the ConbeZ device is displayed.

I’ll do it. But when it comes to the destination address, there are no alternatives. It remains with the limited selection.

I presume the Shelly1 and Sonoff-Tasmota are actually switches and not lights. You need create a helper, specifically change the device type of a switch helper. This helper can create a virtual light entity for these switches so that you can use the light.turn_on service.

That’s exactly what I found out for myself this morning. After defining the Shelly as a lamp as well, I was able to select the entity. Thank you for the hints!

I modified this concept to allow it to control a “switch” instead of a “light”, which ultimately turned into “do this if a sensor turns on”, “do this if a sensor turns off”