Motion sensors and sensitivity? Switching dashboard views?

I’d like to mount a large TV on my kitchen wall to display a dashboard.

If it’s feasible, I’d like to use a motion sensor to switch what’s displayed on that dashboard based on how close it senses motion.

For example, if there’s no motion within 5 feet in the last 5 minutes, switch to a different view (which is more useful for people standing farther away).

Obviously, this would require a motion sensor that can detect motion based on proximity.

Are there motion sensors that can detect motion with X feet of the sensor (and disregard everything else)?

Is it possible to use HA to change the view of a Dashboard with an automation?

Lets start with this one:

Yes, look up BrowserMod:
:small_blue_diamond: Browser_mod - turn your browser into a controllable device, and a media_player - Share your Projects! / Custom Components - Home Assistant Community (

On the second:

You may be better off seeing if an Ultrasonic sensor in combination with a PIR isn’t more what you’re looking for…

ESP32 - Ultrasonic Sensor - LCD | ESP32 Tutorial (