Motion Sensors Recommendation

Hi all, I was just curious what kind of motion sensors work best in home assistant. I basically would like a few around the house mainly for lights and maybe one by the outdoor security camera. (I have a circle 2 camera that I don’t want to pay the high monthly fee to get their idea of “zones”)
Would something like this work?

If this isn’t the correct place to ask, I’m sorry.

Thanks for any input or suggestions l.

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I don’t have one of these but I hear they’re good. You’d need a 433MHz receiver though don’t forget. I personally have an RFXCOM RfxTrx433 but there are probably cheaper solutions out there.
Or if you have a Raspberry Pi and don’t mind doing a bit of wiring, you can get a few of these:

Advantage is they are quicker and don’t need batteries.
That’s personally what i’ve done

I would recommend Philips Hue motion sensors.
With these sensors you will have motion, lux and temperature sensor in one device. I have three of them. I have the same batteries since I bought them 2 years ago…
They are very simple to integrate with the Hue bridge!

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Got a Fibaro z-wave multisensor and a Neo Coolcam z-wave multisensor. Both work well and give me motion, light level and temp. The Fibaro can detect earthquakes as well :smiley:

I would go with Xiaomi. You will need Xiaomi Zigbee gateway, or other Zigbee gateway


Fibaro is 50$, Coolcam is 25$, Xiaomi is 8$ (no temp sensor)

They all work more or less the same

I was considering Xiaomi but didn’t want another gateway to manage if I could help it :slight_smile:

Sure, I have around 20. Using Fibaro would have costed me 1000, instead of 160. Very well worth IMO the extra gateway. If you need 1 or few maybe is different

No that is a good point!

I didn’t think the Xaomi stuff was that much cheaper. Did you get the Xaomi hub? I heard stories of that sending all your data back to China :slight_smile:

Google sends data to CIA, Amazon to NSA, Facebook to Mossad.

I am for the Equal Espionage Act, I think also the Chinese should know when I flush my toilet :smile:


Heheheheheheheh good point :smiley:

Or you can just get a Conbee/ZiGate and forget about the cloud.


I have Hue products and the bridge but at $40usd each its a expensive add on. I wish they were more reasonably priced!

Are these wireless? And do you know if they would work on Homebridge? My preferred platform is homekit

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You use it? Will this replace Aldo the Hue Hub?

I don’t know about homekit, Apple repellent here


I run hassio on a pi3. Im looking into getting motion sensors and window/door sensors added to my setup but I want to beable to add these to the Homebridge component so I can use them in my homekit (Home app) along with my other devices.

hey, how easy is integrating the xiaomi gateway into hassio? I read some people had issues with that

Since setting it up I haven’t had any issues I love these devices and they are a great price too!

+1 to @lolouk44 HC-SR501 is the best option.
I have tried zwave motion sensors(Fibaro and Aeotec. Both works but the latency is too much for using as a trigger for lights.
I have Kerui 433 RF motion sensors as well and they are good but too bulky for my liking, range of the 433 antenna is too small and the battery runs out.
My Xiaomi motion sensors are not reliable, they works most of the time but once in a while they don’t, which is not acceptable if you are like me using motion sensors for triggering lighting.

The solution I settled on is to use HC-SR501 in conjunction with OpenMQTTGateway on a wired Ethernet Mega inspired by this. I tried running HCSR501 on a esp8266 but they will randomly fail or report motion with tiny bit of interference from a fan or using an electrical appliance next room.
Running it through a high quality ether mega over a wired network solved almost all those troubles.
Just my experience.