Motorized Shade Suggestions

I’m pretty sure we will be buying Leviosa shades since they have Home Assistant support. Will order a sample shortly. Thanks @Leviosa!

I am impressed with communication by Leviosa, It’s nice to see a rep actually using the home assistant forums.

I just ordered my samples from them as well, home assistant integration is a must for me… It’s nice to see companies understand that!

Hopefully the quality of Leviosa’s products is better than that of their spelling:

What spelling issue?

There should be no comma in FAQs. Forgivable in general but not on a professional website

Fair comment, since it is not a spelling error but a punctuation error. :wink: “FAQ’s” should be “FAQs”. An apostrophe is not a universal plural indicator. Tiny issue I know, but one which should have been caught by even the most basic spelling and grammar check. Just doesn’t inspire confidence.

The page styling in which the headers are all uppercase makes the situation more difficult, such that “FAQ’S” is much better than “FAQS”.

Add to that the difference in guidance across style guides:

Orthography - Plurals of acronyms, letters, numbers — use an apostrophe or not? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

Probably the easiest solution is to avoid the “S” altogether, and go with the idea that FAQ means “Frequently Asked Questions”. Pretty sure that that’s much more common than the ol’ “Frequently Asked Question” page. :grinning:

Is it just me or anyone else also think that the Leviosa shades are quite expensive. I tried selecting a few different options and saw a price of above $400 for just one blind?!!

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I’ve never found good motorized shades for much less than that. You can absolutely spend a lot more too.

I’m curious - What does Leviosa do better than, say, IKEA’s? Speed of the motor? Reliability? Choices of patterns / fabrics? Integration to HA?

Before other users would chime in, maybe Tony (@Leviosa) could help elaborate?


Would rather discuss motorized shades questions, but anyway, our webmaster fixed the nagging FAQ issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Disclosure - I work for Leviosa Motor Shades, and am sharing this info from Ikea’s website for ‘Electric Blinds’, which, of course, can change anytime after this posting.

We could not see more than 1 fabric color to choose (gray) , in a few specific sizes, the largest being 48"W x 77"H. Leviosa offers 300+ fabrics, custom made exactly to your unique window measurements, and up to 192+ inches wide and high. Ikea’s rechargeable pack is likely fine for their small shades, but these packs naturally self-discharge, and Ikea FAQ state they will require recharging every 4-6 months whether the shades are operated or not. Unclear how long to charge each pack (hours?). Leviosa Motor Shades can be powered with batteries, plug-in wall adapter, or hardwired. Using batteries, Leviosa shades accommodate large D-cell size alkaline batteries that last for 3 years – much longer (7X) than other systems using AA or rechargeable batteries. The batteries are inexpensive, and available at most general stores. They hide behind the valance (no messy wires) and are easily accessible. We also did not see any valance offerings from Ikea - Leviosa offers valances in different sizes that are wrapped with matching fabric.
Net - Ikea offers a few value shade options for small windows. Leviosa offers custom shades with many fabric options for small and large windows. Both offer 5 year warranty.