Moved: Schedy complaining that zwave radiator thermostat is mis-configured

I’m using Schedy to control a number of Danfoss ZWave radiator thermostats. configuration.yaml has the following snippet:

  - platform: zwave

The thermostats are discovered and added OK and I can control them manually from HA. However, Schedy is complaining that they are misconfigured:

2019-11-08 09:20:32.494774 WARNING schedy_heating: !!! [R:bedroom_1] [A:climate.bedroom_1_radiator_thermostat] The value None for attribute 'current_temperature' is no valid temperature value. Please check your config!
2019-11-08 09:20:32.501515 WARNING schedy_heating: !!! [R:bedroom_1] [A:climate.bedroom_1_radiator_thermostat] Attributes for thermostat contain no 'hvac_modes', Consider disabling HVAC mode support.
2019-11-08 09:20:32.516496 ERROR schedy_heating: !!! [R:bedroom_1] [A:climate.bedroom_1_radiator_thermostat] Unknown HVAC mode 'unknown', ignoring thermostat.
2019-11-08 09:20:32.808413 INFO schedy_heating: <-- [R:bedroom_1] Value set to 15.0��.  [scheduled]

I assume I need to add something into configuration.yaml, but what?

It’s better to ask you question directly in the Schedy topic

Good idea. Thanks