MQTT Alarm Control Panel for Raspberry Pi and Android

You can revert to a previous version for now until I have had time to investigate. Also of you changed your configuration be sure to restart as well.

Just tried with adding http:// as well as https:// and the results are the same. Since I included in my configuration the pending_time: 60 and trigger_time: 1800, I am now receiving an additional error message: “The MQTT client connection wasn’t established or was closed unexpectedly. Will try to reconnect”.

The pending time won’t effect the connection to your cloud MQTT broker. Please verify what connection is needed for your broker, is it http, https, ssl, or tcp. Can you send me direct messages so we don’t need to flood the community. I will try to troubleshoot it with you because it seems connecting to the cloud service is the issue.

I tried the previous version and it works.
Thank you.

I will issue a new version with a fix this week. Thanks.


Thanks again for the hard work.
I use your app on an “old” samsung S4 mini (android 4.4) but when I open an other app and then return to the alarm panel this error is displayed every time:

“error connecting to the broker and port: tcp://ip:port

On the phone I have an other app to scan NFC tags so the kids can dissable the alarm using a key. But every time after scanning a nfc tag the error is displayed.


I think this issue has been addressed in a recent application update. Can you check that you have v.0.5 by going to app settings screen and see the version on the last page. Also be sure that if your phone goes to sleep that wifi is active because the alarm needs it to function properly. Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoy the application.

I am interested in how you disable the alarm with NFC, just send a message to Home Assistant?

Sorry, I had an old version installed via the play store. I updated and I will test a couple of days but until now I had no problems.

I use Automate from Llamalab and send a http POST to home assistant. I like to use MQTT but I can’t find a plugin that works with Android 4.4.


I have been using this library with the Control panel, but you’d have to build your own application.

Hey, is there any way to get the alarm to sound and bypass the countdown? What I’m trying to do is to activate the alarm sound if an ios action is triggered. For example, if I know nobody is home and the alarm is triggered, I want to be able to bypass the countdown and just have the alarm sound by pressing a button on my phone…any ideas?

The panel isn’t the alarm system. You should have a separately controlled siren and sensors attached to your home automation platform, like Home Assistant. If you are using Home Assistant then you would just trigger the alarm service with the “triggered” payload and your siren should activate as well as put the alarm control panel into alarm triggered mode. Home Assistant controls the alarm system, the alarm control panel is just the interface for the MQTT alarm control panel:

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Thanks. I thought the tablet would make a sound after 60 seconds.

Thank you for this great solution. I am using the Android version and I couldn’t figure out how to use Instagram pictures as a screen saver. I wrote the name of the Instagram account that I want to get the pictures (public account but all I can get is a black screen when I clicked the “Zzz” button.

Unfortunately Instagram changed the way we access public images. I am adding Imgur as a new photo screen saver in an upcoming release. For now, just stick with the clock screensaver. Thanks!!

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I have your app installed on an S7 and a Fire tablet and working well, the one thing that I have noticed is the password for the HA screen is not “remembered” and must be entered each time. Is there any fix for this? I use a long complex password and it isn’t easy to enter on the touch screen each time. Other than that a great app and interface for the alarm aspects of HA… 5 Stars!!!

This is an issue that I am aware of but the application uses Chrome for Android and it doesn’t remember passwords. There is nothing I can do at this time to address it. I can’t capture your password and cookies don’t seem to get set in chrome for Android due to security reasons.

I have been using your app for android on a pad for a while in conjunction with HA. You have done a great job on the app. I am having a problem with the MQTT Notifications and TTS by Google combination. It works great except every time HA sends a notification; the pad speaks the text multiple times vs just the one time that it should. I was hoping you had run across this before and could give me some advise how to rectify the problem. Thanks.

@thanksmister I have created a custom alarm panel for use within HA YET another take on an alarm system. A lot of people wanted MQTT integration with some wanting to use your app to integrate directly with the panel.

I have added the necessary code and it all works, so people can actually use my panel instead of the manual mqtt one with your app.

I wanted to suggest an enhancement if possible, would you be able to add an option which allows your app to pass over the code in the payload (‘DISARM [CODE]’) to be verified by HA?

This would add an extra layer of security and also allow the code to be synced across multiple tablets. My panel also allows for a panic code which deactivates the alarm but triggers a silent alarm allow one to trigger automatons.

@gazoscalvertos I understand what you are asking but I have a question. What component in hass is going to be reading the (‘DISARM [CODE]’) to verify it? Is this the MQTT Manual Control Panel? Is this your custom alarm control panel?