YET another take on an alarm system

I mean the code will probably need to be changed to work correctly with your motion sensors as it isn’t currently recognising the states they use. Downloading it again probably won’t help, you may need to wait for @gazoscalvertos to make a change first.

It show the state correctly in alarm system once I use any of the alarm modes. It won’t show that I have motion sensors in All Sensors Page only. But It shows on other pages.

Yeah I had the same thing with the true/false motion sensor I’m using, @gazoscalvertos should be able to fix it.


@Sunonline are these sensors using these statuses natively or have you used a template?

What are the true / false values? I.e. are they No_motion / motion?

One is diy motion sensor from Mr.Bruh which I plan to make more and another one is from broadlink s1c kit, this one use battery.

From Mr.Bruh the motion sensor show standby and detected, from broadlink show no motion and motion detected. They show differently. All show natively.

All sensors to be in HA, they communicate by MQTT. I didn’t use their owns app.

What I want is to put all sensor in one alarm system.

Hi is it possible to implement pending time when arming home mode? I have a cat and many times I just want to arm home mode when I am leaving the house so the cat doesnt trigger the alarm.

Yeah I can sort this out. I’ll add it to the code for both the front and back end.

I’ll add it as an option

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Thank you so much. Although I didn’t see the motion sensors in All Sensors Page but it shows in alarm mode and all working well. with automation you have provided.

Is it possible to add a timeout feature where the pin is incorrectly entered 3 times then it locks you out for a set period of time? As it is, you can just try until it disarms.

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I like this idea, I will certainly add it as an option

Wow, thanks

Thank you very much for sharing. I see you have updated to support MQTT alarm as well.

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Quick question, Can you disarm the Alarm with an automation?
for Example call the Disarm automation when your device tracker state pases from not_home to home?
Or Disable the Home mode every day at 6:30 AM?

Yes just call its service in the automation and pass in your alarm code:

- service: alarm_control_panel.alarm_disarm
     code: 9999

Many Thanks!
That helps with the WAF!

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Hi All, Updates available in the repo

(15/01/18) NOTE!!! - There are a lot of changes, update all files to ensure everything works. (alarm.yaml, panels/alarm.html, custom_components/alarm_control_panel/, www/lib/countdown360.js, www/lib/jquery-3.2.1.min.js, www/alarm/alarm.css) Also don’t forget to clear your browser cache. Raise any issues you come across

(15/01/18) NEW FEATURE - Set a maximum number of Passcode attempts with a lockout period. See the alarm.yaml for setup.
(15/01/18) NEW FEATURE - There is now support for custom and unknown device states. Add your new on/off states into the alarm.yaml file and this component will track them!

(15/01/18) NEW GUI - The code panel slides in or out depending on the mode. Let me know what you think.

(15/01/18) BUG FIX - Weather alignment on different modes and devices.
(15/01/18) BUG FIX - Timer mode now appears in warning mode so you know how long before the alarm triggers.
(15/01/18) BUG FIX - MQTT now allows custom state/command topics via the alarm.yaml.
(15/01/18) BUG FIX - Re-aligned buttons for smaller devices.

(15/01/18) OTHER - Work progressing to clean up the python code.
(15/01/18) OTHER - CSS is now split from the main http file for readability, still requires a cleanse.

(15/01/18) COMING SOON - MQTT Support to valid passcodes.
(15/01/18) COMING SOON - MQTT Support to provide extended feedback to other alarm interfaces i.e. open sensor arrays, lockout feedback.
(15/01/18) COMING SOON - Persistance support for rebooted systems.
(15/01/18) COMING SOON - Disabling of the sidebar when armed. Trickier than I thought due to the use of polymer and its sandboxing.
(15/01/18) COMING SOON - User Guide/Help pages
(15/01/18) COMING SOON - Customizable settings such as gui colours, collapsable sensor groups
(15/01/18) COMING SOON - Screensaver mode
(15/01/18) COMING SOON - Granular times on home/arm mode
(15/01/18) COMING SOON - Screenshots + Videos


WOW first off thanks.

I am still testing out everything, I have just set alerts on my phone for now as i don’t want to wake up my neighbors.

I have small issue where the alarm dashboard is not loading for me and sometimes the disarm doesn’t work after triggered? Is this by design or which file this configuration is under? Or I have done something incorrect?

edit: It seem like panic mode is able to disalarm the alarm but the normal code doesn’t.

I have tired cleared my brower data and also incognito mode and same issue.


Thank you so much. Extremely good good good.

Somebody mentioned previously that using code 0000 doesnt work. I havent yet investigated this could you be using a code where all digits are the same?