MQTT climate power_command_topic deprecation assistance

I use MQTT to interface with my HVAC through an intesis box.

My current configuration has been working fine util the removal of power_command_topic in the latest release.

  - name: HVAC MQTT                                                                               
     - "auto"                                                                               
     - "off"                                                                                
     - "cool"                                                                               
     - "fan"                                                                                
     - "dry"                                                                                
     - "heat"                                                                               
     - "auto"                                                                               
     - "swing"                                                                              
     - "auto"                                                                               
     - "1"                                                                                  
     - "2"                                                                                  
     - "3"                                                                                  
     - "4"                                                                                  
    power_command_topic: "/cmnd/hvac/intesis/CC3F1D020859/settings/onoff"                   
    mode_command_topic: "/cmnd/hvac/intesis/CC3F1D020859/settings/mode"                     
    temperature_command_topic: "/cmnd/hvac/intesis/CC3F1D020859/settings/setptemp"          
    fan_mode_command_topic: "/cmnd/hvac/intesis/CC3F1D020859/settings/fansp"                
    swing_mode_command_topic: "/cmnd/hvac/intesis/CC3F1D020859/settings/vaneud"                         
    precision: 1.0 

I understand that power_command_topic is no longer supported however I need to send an ON or OFF command to /cmnd/hvac/intesis/CC3F1D020859/settings/onoff in order to get the HVAC to function.

Could someone point me in the right direction of how to approach this or some updated documentation?


This is not Blueprint related. You may want to edit the header and change the topic to get a good answer.
I personally don’t know an answer to your question.

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can you do something on your intesis box (i don’t know it)?
in my case, i have a custom esp8266 managing my HVAC so i could modify the mqtt logic and receive commands that manages both power and mode.
I can’t think to another easy solution, this decision of deprecating the power mode sounds strange for AC where it’s so common to have power control by itself… i don’t even think you can send two mqtt commands just templating, maybe there is a workaround but i’m not good enough for this…

Thanks @MassiPi. Yes, this is an option and I subsequently found this approach.

I don’t really understand why this capability was deprecated though if separate power on/off can no longer be managed within home-assistant directly using the new methods.