Mqtt Control - small mqtt client service to connect my windows based pc to home assistant


After a long long search for a simple way for a bi-directional communication between my PC and Home-Assistant, i decided to develop a small Mqtt client called “Mqtt Control”. this client allows me to send messages to my desktop and display them, lock, shutdown or restart my computer. i can even take a snapshot of my desktop and send it back to Home-Assistant as Mqtt Camera image. more than that i can send telemetry from the computer to Home-Assistant that contains CPU usage and Temperature, Free and Used Memory, HDD info and more.

This application runs on windows only!

for more details, installation and configuration read this howto guide

MqttControl%20Memory%20Sensor MqttControl%20cpu%20Temp


This seems to be for windows ? Hard to tell from your post though? Please clarify.

@nickrout Thank you fot your remark, it is indeed for windows only.
i changed the title and added remark inside the post.

Thanks, that makes it clearer. I have one windows PC so may give it a try.

This project seems very similar. Maybe you could help each other.

Looks great. Is there a built in command to wake the display? I suppose I can do it with running a script on the PC if not.

I’m making a windows tablet display that auto sleeps the display and wakes only when HA tells it there is motion in the room.

Hi @dax333,
not at the current version.
working on it…

can you add the Sleep-command in next version?

p.s. also will be great if you share config for lovelace (as in screenshot). thanks!

Working on a new version:

  • Sleep / Hibernate / Suspend
  • Volume Control (Up / Down / Mute)
  • tts - Reading Messages published using pc speakers.
    and small fix in autostart component.

as for the Lovelace configuration, there is a directory within the App path that contains samples.


Is the source code available for this? I can only find the exe on your sourceforge page.

@gpbenton Hi,
Not at the moment.
the app is still in the process of developing.

OK so you come to an open source project, show off your project, but are not willing to be open yourself? Weird.

you are taking this wrong.
all i have said is that because i’m in the middle of adding features to it, it take me sometime to release the code.
once i’m done everything will be in my git.


Excellent, I take that back.

And yet you have released an executable.

I don’t see how you expect anyone to run this. Running code from an unknown source on the internet goes against every security precaution ever written.

@gpbenton as i said, the code will be available in my git as soon as i’ll finish with the buge and features.
i have nothing to hide and if you want i’ll send it over to you so you can check it up.
The code is in c#

Hi guys,
after reading your concerns about my code, i have scanned all of the app files using Virus Total.
you can check the result in the following links:


and when i’ll finish the bug fixes and development stage i’ll upload the code to my git.

Thanks ms for your sharing your work on this with us, I look forward to giving it a go !

One idea, would it be possible to send keyboard commands to the windows pc? For example, would be really useful to be able to change the tab the ha front end is showing based on States of various entities etc.

Ie , media player starts playing so change to the media control tab…

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Way to go, I’ll sure to give it a try :slight_smile:

do you know something similar for Mac?