Integrating Win10 In HA with MQTT

I’ve made a Windows 10 MQTT Application so I can control/watch/automate Windows 10 computers.
(most of features will probably work on older versions)

Some of the main features are:

  • Power control(shutdown/reboot/hibernate/suspend)
  • Dump primary monitor as mqtt camera
  • Volume control
  • Disk/cpu/memory sensors
  • Alerts(tts and toast)
  • Custom commands

Application looks like this:

Installer and a sample YAML file is available at

Some of my implementations are available at

I will try to continue working on this application but feedback(good and bad) will keep me motivated :slight_smile:
(And yeah, I know the design sucks :slight_smile: )


Thanks for sharing this. I’m currently using zanzito; an Android app that function as mqtt client. At a glance, I can see this has potential to become the “Zanzito for windows”.

Will try it out soon and provide you the feedback.

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Is the source code available?

Not atm, I might make a commercial server version down the line. The current version is more a “desktop” version and 100% free.

Thanks :slight_smile: will have a look at zanzito for inspiration :smiley:

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There was an interesting discussion on the forum a while ago about securing your HA installation from external threats. All of which would be a waste of time if they downloaded unknown code from a source with no reputation.

So although your project looks interesting, its a risk I am not willing to take.


Sure, I understand.
I’m working on a Microsoft Store version, but it’s a hazzle :confused: But that might help people to trust the application.

I think what @gpbenton is saying is that he’d be more willing to try this out if he could see the source. Which it looks like you may be planning to do anyway.

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yupp, someday :slight_smile:

This is awesome, I’ve been looking for a simple way to control / monitor my HTPC with HA!

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Just uploaded a new version and source code.
Some new features as well :slight_smile: Will work on some minor bugs and documentation today


Cool, i’d like to try it out. But i cannot seem to get it to work.

What is the syntax for “Server” ?
Does it work without Username & Password?

Whatever i put in, i always get “unexpected error”

Server: ip or dns name, like (without any http or https )
I’ll make a new build with username and password optional. But you should have username and password on your server :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I have to disagree here. My network is not accessible to anyone else, so no extra security is necessary.

You don’t lock your front door and then keep your wallet in a safe.

Same for me. My Server is not available to outside network. Yet…

The Username and Password is for the MQTT Server correct? So i would need to add them inside the mosquitto configuration.

New build and installer that will accept no username/password.

Are your door safe?
I dont’t agree but understad :slight_smile:

Adjusting the connect line makes the app work as I like. It is just what I need to display notifications on my PC. Its already set to run on startup :grinning:

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Still i always get unexpected error whatever i type in.
Any idea what i can do different? Version 0.0.14

Can you send me a screenshot of the options in a pm?

Unfortunately, it didn’t start up automatically for me this morning :disappointed_relieved:

Also, I tried to build the release version, but it crashed every time I saved the options, so I am running the debug version, but that works fine once I start it manually.