MQTT Device Tracker/Room Presence

I’ve got room presence set up with room-assistant on a bunch of pi’s pushing to mqtt. This is great using template sensors to track my location but is it possible to turn this in to a device tracker too?

I’ve tried the MQTT device tracker but nothing seems to show, I’m not sure is this is suitable when the topics are bedroom, living room etc and not home/away.

Room-assistant json formats are not understood by the mqtt presence sensor… The expected json payload, of the room sensor is:

presence/home {"id":"7c2f80cef1ef","name":"Gigaset G-tag","rssi":-74,"uuid":"7c2f80cef1ef","distance":5.397317938007904}

expected channels/ payload of the device tracker is:

location/paulus  { "payload": "home"}

your (and mine aswell) real problem is that it is categorized/built as a sensor and not as a device_tracker.

I’ll open a new forum thread about that, hope that someone can explain reasons and stuff :wink:

Edit: feeling out/feature request thread:

You can create an automation to do an mqtt_publish with

location/your_name  { "payload": "home"}

when your room_assistant sensor is not “not_home”
I am doing this with an appdaemon app to have device_tracker for my mibands.

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