Why is mqtt room sensor a "sensor" and not a "device tracker"?

Its not possible to use room-assistant with the “mqtt room presence” sensor on the new “Persons” tracking system.

The mqtt device tracker cannot be used b/c of how room-assistant formats the mqtt message.

It is ofcourse a “sensor”, not a “device tracker”. Is this an issue that pops up now b/c of the new system?
Or does this need to be changed into a device tracker?

I am also looking for a way to turn my mqtt room sensors into device trackers… I tried to use customize.yaml to change the device_class but no effect

Maybe the composite tracker could help translate

Thanks. But i think this component can use binary sensors, but not sensors… Still looking for a solution :slight_smile:

You could add a template binary sensor in between again. Adding another layer…

Sensor > template binary sensor > composite > person

Should work but it gets a bit convoluted

Thanks for this idea ! I didn’t know about template binary sensor, i will give it a try :slight_smile:

For anyone still searching for an answer, you can also use device_Tracker.see service (bottom of the page) and use a simple automation to create a device tracker. Its not really well documented but works quite well

@Wim_L, would you mind posting your solution?

With the device_tracker.see service, you just make an automation. It takes a sensor and converts it to a device tracker.

Made a templated example in :

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Thanks a lot!
FWIW, I went with trigger.from_state.object_id instead of .name as the name had spaces, quotes, etc.