MQTT Zigbee

Hi Guys,

I just got a ConBee II Zigbee controller for some sensors I bought.

The controller doesn’t have the range on to get me from my HA installation to the garage where I have these sensors.

I have tried playing around to get MQTT installed on a RPi4 and connecting to my HA install but am having huge issues and can’t see much information / am starting to be confused as to what I need.

So I need to install a MQTT broker on my main HA install?

What do I need to install on the RPi4 I would have in my garage with the ConBee II Zigbee controller installed in?

it’s MQTT, not MTQQ :slight_smile:

You don’t need to install mqtt if you have a Conbee II. Just install phoscon/deconz on your raspberry 4 in the garage, and connect HA to it.

I installed HA on my RPi4 in the garage with deconz from the Add-on store in “Supervisor”

When I tried the to add the deCONZ intergration on my main HA,
I used the IP for the RPi4 and the ports i tried both 40850 and 8081.
I click the “Authenticate app” button but on my main install it says “Couldn’t get an API key”

It had previously detected before but still didnt work with this (same error about the key)

Read this :

and if it still does not work, as in this topic: