MQTT (Zigbee2MQTT) actions are disappearing from HA


I am using Zigbee2MQTT with the MQTT integration in HA to get all my zigbee devices into HA. Those devices have actions, for single / double / long pushes on buttons for examples. For an unknown reason, these actions tend to disappear completely from HA after a few days if I’m not using them:

Here, most of my actions disappeared. This device has 4 buttons with 3 actions for each.

When I do one of these actions, the actions re-appears. And then disappear again in a few days if I didn’t use it. This is a problem because the 1st usage after a disappearance makes it re-appear but doesn’t trigger the automation that is linked to it. Which means I have to do the action 2 times if I want HA to do what I want.

I don’t know if this comes from Z2M, Mqtt or HA. But I think it comes from HA because the device stays in Z2M. Is there a setting to activate or additionnal configuration to do in one of those services ?

Thanks in advance for any help, have a great day

Hi, would anybody have an idea ? Thanks in advance for your help

Can you post the automation in yaml ?