MQTT2HA Daemon installation

Hello, I recently bought a Raspberry Pi 5 and I’m an absolute noob. Now, I want to display the CPU temperature, etc. in Home Assistant using this repository: lovelace-rpi-monitor-card. I have downloaded MQTT (Mosquitto broker) and everything is running, but I don’t understand how to download the RPi Reporter MQTT2HA Daemon. I can’t download it with sudo apt-get as in the instructions and I’m just stuck.

Are you trying to use mqtt2ha on your home assistant machine?

Yes, I essentially want to have an overview in my HA with temperature, storage from the Raspberry, etc., as seen in lovelace-rpi-monitor-card. But I don’t quite understand what I need to do. I’m really an absolute noob and just trying to get into it a bit.

So from what I understand, even if I’m only using one Pi:
If you have a number of Raspberry Pis on your network, then this might be the card you need to set up your Dashboard for monitoring all of your RPis. Set up the sensor software on your RPi: See RPi Reporter MQTT2HA Daemon. Then install this card to display the state of your RPi.

So, I need to install MQTT2HA on the Pi and then install lovelace-rpi-monitor-card.

Pretty sure that mqtt2ha is for monitoring other rips on your network.

You should instead use system monitor System monitor - Home Assistant

It should work with only one Raspi.

What os are you running in your rpi?

Home Assistant OS 12.3 (RPi 5)

I added the following lines to configuration.yaml:

   mode: yaml
       - url: /hacsfiles/lovelace-rpi-monitor-card/rpi-monitor-card.js
         type: module

Then, I navigated to the Dashboard and clicked on the three dots in the top right corner. From there, I selected “Raw Configuration” and added the following:

- type: custom:rpi-monitor-card
  entity: sensor.rpi_monitor_raspi

However, upon doing this, I encountered the following error message:

Entity Unavailable: sensor.rpi_monitor_raspi

I think if i install MQTT2HA Daemon it should work but i dont know how.

It is not packaged for haos as far as I can see. It is not designed for use like that, as I said above.

But somehow it has to work:

Why does it have to work. Nothing in that thread says that the mqtt2ha is running on the machine running ha.

Why don’t you just do as I suggest and use system monitor? That’s what it is designed for.

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