MTec Energy Butler (Solar Inverter) ModbusTCP Integration

I’m trying to get an MTec inverter and battery system into Home Assistant.
On my search for an Integration i found this promising project by croedel on GitHub GitHub - croedel/MTECmqtt: Enables to read data from M-TEC Energybutler and write them to a MQTT broker.

maybe this is a good start for an integration or an addon (ModbusTCP to MQTT)?

It supports ModbusTCP and could also work with wattsonic, sunways and daxtrom.
I’m unfortunately not a programmer and I’m totally out of my depth here

If the inverter exposes modbus TCP you can use native modbus sensor integration.
A bit messy since you’ll have to get every parameter out of it but doable.

Good point, thanks. I will try to figure it out

Ok, got it working! Someone else did most of the work, I just filled in the right modbus parameters (thanks to GitHub - GiZMoSK1221/hass-addons: Home Assistant Addons)

Here are the files GitHub - preimes/M-TEC-ModbusRTU-Settings-for-Homeassistant

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