Müller tint RGB remote - ZHA quirks?

Hi there,

in the community multiple blueprints were posted already for zigbee2mqtt related to the Müller tint remote.


Additional links:

Since I am using ZHA, I was checking the events, which were thrown by the remote and documented all of them over here: GitHub - SimpleUserHA/MuellerTintRGBRemote

Does it somehow make sense to wrap some of those parameters and data into the zha quirk, to make button presses easier available and accessible for a wider range of users who don’t want to deal with such low level kind of event parameters?


(sorry I might still not get 100% the scope of those quirks and how far they should go by wrapping low level parameters to make features & functionality available on a higher level)

Suggest you post a new issue with that question to → https://github.com/zigpy/zha-device-handlers/issues

done: [Device Support Request] · Issue #1288 · zigpy/zha-device-handlers · GitHub