Multi user with their own lovelace UI yaml?

Here is my situation,
Me and my GF both use iOS devices so to keep it simple for her and to let me have the powerful control of HA, I configured everything in HA and use HomeKit component to have everything I need in our HK home setup.
This way, it keeps it simple for her to control the home devices, etc… but doesn’t give her the way more complicated UI I use in HA.

The issue is that she got an Android phone and now this HK setup is useless for her…
I don’t want her to have to deal with my lovelace UI setup, I need her UI way simpler than mine. (My HA is setup with multi users)

In a perfect world, I would like to create a different ui-lovelace.yaml for her that would be associated with her HA user account. This would be just perfect (even without permission restriction, the UI would be made for exactly what she needs to access, no more)

So first, is this possible now?
Then, if not, if this the direction dev is going with multi user feature?

Because if this will never be possible, I need to look for another way. The new Google Home app would be an option but really not as responsive and simple as HA or HK (plus, going through Internet for everything).

I would never though Android would cause me limits vs iOS lol

Thanks in advance guys!




I find Android to be much better with my Home Assistant setup. Sounds like the problem is Homekit :wink:

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ok, at least there is hope for the future.
Thank you for the info.

HK is not the problem, HK is an additional option for home automation that Android doesn’t really offer :wink:
Like mentioned, there is the Google home app that now provides access to manually control the home devices but it’s not really clear what are the actual states and it has delays (Internet). Not counting the stupid limits GSuite accounts suffer since the beginning with everything related to family and sharing.

I would really like to just use HA, (iOS or Android) but giving my GF access to my UI setup would be way too much info for her and will create frustrations. HK is limited but along with HA HK component, as a secondary way to access the home automation structure is great for this specific kind of need.

Trust me, iOS or Android, if I could only use HA UI (if I could have a specific UI for her account) I would and would not need HK.

So all we need now is to be able to link specific ui-lovelace.yaml to HA users, in my case, this would make it simple and perfect.

This is so close to it (I thought this was what I needed (specific theme per user) but I don’t think themes are related to a specific frontend config…)

***on a side note, HK provides the best presence detection BTW (but again, working together with HA)

Actually, I think I though of something…
I’m using lovelace UI. So that leave the old UI style unused, I could configure the old UI the way I want for this other user (my GF) and that would do what I need.

Am I right or I’m missing something obvious?

That might work

Should work.

You could also consider making the first view a simplified overview, and then your more complex config on the subsequent views. This way once the functionality is there it should be a simple migration.

This would be fantastic. I love the lovelace UI, but I need a much simpler version for my wife and a restricted option set for my kid.

I saw this thread: “Multiple Users/Accounts” which ends with them adding multi user support, but what does that support do other than have multiple logins? Once a login is used, what does it affect?

Per-user lovelace would be my #1 request. I am less concerned about security than convenience here: I don’t care if my wife can manage to get into the config files, she won’t. I just need a less cluttered interface for her to see.


Agreed, eagerly awaiting this feature

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Does anyone know if multiple Lovelace setups will be available soon?

I would like say lovelace-pc and lavelace-tablet for wall mounting. I obviously don’t need or want everything on the wall mounted display instance of lovelace.

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Hey, just tripped over this post looking for something else i know it’s old but just in case you haven’t seen it yet check out

I use the user_agent and user_agent_views for exactly this sort of thing


Yes - agreed! Same situation with me!

If I am not mistaken the devs are working on a complete per user experience: single entity_id’s and so on …

I would be more then satisfied by just a simple/different lovelace configuration per user



Mind to share your code on how to set this different lovelace for different user?


Same thought.

Is this feature already included into latest HA?

My yaml probably won’t be much use now because I’ve not update anything in about 3 months (things are working well and life is getting in the way) but checkout the exception config on the compact custom header wiki there’s some great examples on there

Thanks for the info.

I think they are working on the ability to hide some objects for some users, but from the interviews I’ve listened to where this was mentioned, they don’t feel that different lovelace UI’s for different users/devices is a very high priority. You can prove them wrong by voting for this:

This does exactly what I wanted.

  1. Wife now has a couple of tabs and no sidebar
  2. I now have a compact header when using my phone

All through the UI. No code needed.


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