Multiple Alexa accounts on one HA instance

I refer to this post: Using multiple Alexa accounts with one HA instance

Is it possible in any way to use different (multiple) Alexa accounts with one Home Assistant instance, so that I can configure them differently and have different access on these accounts because I include different entities?

Any solution would be interesting.

can you clarify what are examples of what you want to do?

e.g. are you trying to play tts through different devices logged into different accounts? or are you trying to have nabu casa expose home assistant controlled devices to different alexas? or???

My alexa.yaml configuration looks something like this:

  locale: de-DE
  client_id: xxx 
  client_secret: xxx

I’m not using Nabu Casa. I’m using the more complicated method that you have to manually but it works fine. But it seems to be a limitation that you can only use one Amazon account per Home Assistant instance like this. I don’t know if it would work if another account could be attached by Nabu Casa for example or if it’s now possible to have multiple smart_home: configuration so that I can add different clients and also with this different entities for Alexa with include_entities:

I hope it is clear enough now.

ok. I get that you are trying to have two such Alexa’s enabled there. however the actual use case isn’t clear. if your scenario is sending tts commands and such the answer for you might be the Alexa media player. take a look at this:

It has multiple parallel configs.

I don’t know of a way to do parallel accounts with the config you posted. might be a way but I don’t know if it. this one, I found more usefulll

Ok, you got me wrong.

I have one Home Assistant instance for two apartments that are next to each other. One is mine and one is of my dad. I don’t want that he has my smart home devices in his Amazon Echo (Alexa). He has his own Amazon account with his own Echo devices (Alexa).

So I want to include two Amazon accounts in my config to have a connection to two different Amazon Alexas that have nothing to do with each other.

Then I could differ between which devices I want to include in the config for each user. My dad’s ones for him and mine for me. → configuration like here

I could do this for both separately then:

      - light.kuche_deckenlichter
      - light.flur_deckenlichter
      - light.badezimmer_deckenlichter

oh! ok, that clears up a lot… you are also using the emulated_hue trick .

sorry that I don’t know of a way. In fact I suspect there isn’t… but never say never.

I would tell you that in your scenario, you may end up being happier with the setup if you have 2 home assistants … one for you and one for your dad. if u want to connect them, you can use remote home assistant to expose the entities from your dad’s to yours (and not vice versa) if you want to monitor it all from yours.

I have a 2 home setup that I tried to do with one . much better now that I moved to two

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I guess you are right. Especially because I’m running it on Docker anyway. Supervised would be more complicated I guess.

effectively supervised using remote home assistant isn’t hard. It’s kinda a poor man’s supervise. but also easy to just have access to both. the main benefits of the remote is if you want to see both houses on one dashboard or if you want automation that triggers across the two.

if you go down that path and want any help, holler…

but to your original point, since you are dockering, just create another docker…

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Seconded. This is the route I would take as well. Keeps everything between the instances separate, but also can be managed from one instance.