Multiple Category per entity

I miss a feature that there are several work-arounds for, so if you got a good suggestion bring it.

Core of it that I would like to give my devices #tags or have multiple “groups”. For instance that would allow me to give all my entities a power code from 1-5. And depending on price or consumption I can shutdown “all” priority 4 and 5 devices. Same can be said for the difference between zones and rooms. I might want all the lights in my bathroom to dim up when I enter, but the shower ones only when I enter the shower. Another benefit of having them by group then is that it is dead simple to add them to current automations instead of adding the separately.

Form homes like mine, with several hundreds of devices, giving them tags or multiple groups would really make it a lot easier to manage it all.

Hope that I’m not alone in this, and I might belive it would be an easy fix. Or that there is something in HACS that fixes this.

There is a open PR for labels.

Currently, you can assign custom attributes to your entities. While it can be useful, it’s not really quick or easy to do on a large scale.

Yes yes yes yes!!

Is there anyway I can help in making this happen? Votes? Coffe? Beer? Cheep ZigBee devices for China that is both a environment pollution and useless (I love those)?