Multiple configurations for other devices

It’s a shot in the dark, but can i have multiple configurations for homeassistant?
For example, i have a small tablet where i want to display homeassistant on.
But i don’t want to change my configuration for it because it looks good on my computer.

So can i have another configuration for each other device?

(HADashboard is my last resort :slight_smile: )

Why not just create a unique view for each device in lovelace?

I have my main view, and a touch view that works better for mounted tablets.

In the top right, select the 3 dots, then configure-ui. NOTE: once you do this, you will now have the manual ui (which is way better in my opinion)

Once in edit mode, there will be a ‘+’ in the view bar. Create a new view and configure that how you would like for your device.

I’m not sure if there is a way to set a default view per device, but it’s not that hard to select which view you want after the fact.

Thank you for the advice!
But i have a few views and otherwise it gets to crowded for top-bar.

Maybe a second last resort :slight_smile:

Ever tried out the custom header card? It allows per device settings and much more.