Multiple devices/components, differents historic vizualisation


I have multiple same z-wave components (temperature/humidity sensors). The historical view (when I click on a value of the component) is a graph representation, like this:

Everything goes well untill for each components. But when I add a last sensor (of the same family), my historical view is different (only for this component):

I don’t understand why :frowning:

Thanks in advance for your help.

Note: I’m using the last version of (0.63)

Its because that is being treated as a string, not a float. Did you create that sensor? If so, convert the result from a string to a float and it will show as a graph.


value_template: “{{ YourString | float }}”

Hi Petro,

I’m having the same issue as Rigobert with another z-wave multisensor’s temperature value, using the latest release of Could you provide a little more detail on how I can change the z-wave sensor’s output to a float?

When I go to my Customization settings in Home Assistant, I can modify attributes for the sensor’s entity. I’m guessing I would define a new attribute named value_template. How would I reference the currently returned value in place of ‘YourString’ in your example?

You’d have to create a template sensor that pulls the information from the other sensor. I find it odd that a zwave device would return a string. Can you show an example of the string being displayed as the state?

Note that it may be necessary to purge old state entries in HA’s database so that this works. Those state entries may still base on the old configuration and will thwart a proper plot display. See for how to delete state entries.