Multiple Energy dashboards

At the moment one can only set up a single energy dashboard, it would be nice to be able to monitor multiple solar plants and/or multiple meters using the capabilities of the dashboard.
I currently gather data from 3 solar plants in my HA, but only one can use the energy dashboard. The energy dashboard has some unique features that are difficult to replicate outside the dashboard itself and thus are available only for one of the plants.

I think it would be enough to have the ability to deploy the single components of the dashboard (eg. the chart, the flow animation, etc), each with its own configuration attached. At the moment you can use the single components in any of the lovelace dashboards, but the configuration remains only one, so they are just a copy of what’s visible in the energy dashboard.

I would like the same. It would be nice to have multiple energy dashboards to monitor large electrical circuits.

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Hi, I’d also would like to have several Energy Dashboards, one for the Summarys and one for more details also the option to migrate old sensor data to new sensors.
An option for water tracking would be also good, currently I have done the implementation within the gas consumption as it is also m3.

My office is at a different address than my home.
Trough VPN I can control the lighting and measure the energy consumption from home. It would be nice to be able to see the energy usage from my office on a separate dashboard.

Not sure if you can do that even with a second energy dashboard.
First of all, unless you have a specific requirement for a VPN, you can access your office HA from internet using the Duck-DNS addon, it’s very handy and simple to setup.

From what I understand from your post you’d like to read your office energy use from the HA instance that is installed at your home. I think that’s not possible unless you use energy sensors that expose data via their own cloud (never tried, so I might be wrong). I’m currently using shellys sensors via local wifi, and I need to be on the same local network to access them.


I’m bringing part off my electric installation to an off grid setup. It would be nice if I could also represent this in home assistant to a second animated energy graph

Being able to deal with multiple energy setup would be likely to be a side-effect of this feature request.

It really depends on how they choose to implement it, if they just add other utility streams to the dashboard it won’t fix the problems of this feature request.
They are talking about renaming it, not so much about transforming it into a component that can be deployed multiple times.

For now I use multi HA in docker.

I have 3 meters.

Too much unnecessary hassle to maintain. +1 to multiple energy dashboards.


Very true. Searching for alternatives…

It would be a very useful feature.

I also think this would be a nice feature :slight_smile:

Same here, moved also everything related to garden/shed/outside to a offgrid system. Also using at the moment a second ha installation to track solar / battery and usage. Would also like to move to single HA instance. Anyone found a solution/integration for that?

+1 - I’m looking at integrating a solar system running on a boat to my home assistant running at home. The alternative (I guess) is to run a completely separate home assistant instance.

+1 having multiple energyy dashboard would be great.

Yes would be very useful to track holiday home aircon system etc entirely separately to U.K. home energy

Mitsubishi MELCloud data is available for the aircon over there but it just gets mixed in with the U.K. glow data on a single dashboard


I have a HA installation controlling three houses, one with solar panels and the other two without. I’d like to have independent Energy dashboards for each one.


Looking for this option too.

#me2 - i’m looking for this option too.