Multiple Envisalink 4 Controllers

I have two (2) Honeywell Vista 20p alarm panels with the Eyezon Envisalink 4 units. The service home page for the envisalink is:

There is a Home Assisrtant integration is located at:

The request is to have multiple envisalink modules as part of the same HA instance. I imagine that with rental units, offices, Airbnb, this request is going to become more prevalent.

Indeed, there are multiple questions about this feature.

Apologies to revive this old topic but I am wondering if there is a technical reason that it is not possible to have multiple envisalink modules in one instance of HA?

A workaround is proposed to create an instance of HA (via docker) for each envisalink module and use home-assistant-remote:

However, this seems to waste a lot of resources if there is no real reason to keep things separate.So I wanted to see if there is a technical barrier here (from the envisalink side perhaps) that makes this impossible/very hard or if this just needs to be implemented.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

I actually got this working last night, by creating a second “Envisalink” component as a custom component and just renaming the variable from “Envisalink” to “Envisalink1”

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Thanks for this :slight_smile:

I ended up changing the name of the component as well as the name in the manifest.json and . I am not sure if that was necessary or the right way of doing this.

It would be so much better if you could define “systems” each of which is its own settings and zones. I am definitely not experienced enough in python but might try and see what I might be able to accomplish :slight_smile:

Multiple EV4 components must be a thing.

Any chance you might provide a little tutorial on how you did this? I have never created or used a custom component. I imagine it’s getting the regular “Envisalink” component and then copying it to, “Envisalink1.” But if yours is still working it would be nice to set this up correctly.

Copy the files found in this github into your custom components folder (config/custom_components/envisalink1) [or rename envisalink1 to whatever you like.] Change the name ‘Envisalink’ to ‘Envisalink1’ in both manifest.json and

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I tried the hack above with my 2nd Envisalink and HA would refuse to accept it. Good news though, it seems ufodone is working on something that will solve this and other limitations of the current implementation.
GitHub - ufodone/envisalink_new: Temporary HACS version of envisalink integration while undergoing a refactor.