Multiple homes in the companion app

What I did was:

  1. Install TestFlight off the Apple App Store
  2. Open this link on mobile: Join the Home Assistant beta - TestFlight - Apple and click the Start Testing Option
  3. Once the beta version of Home Assistant has been installed, quit the HA app and re-launch it.
  4. Before your HA server instance loads click the orange gear button and select to add a second server
  5. You will be able to switch between servers by swiping with 3 fingers to the left and right.

Hope this helps!

It’s in production for a while now…works pretty well :wink:

Oh really? :man_facepalming: Thank you!

Is this on android as well?

Multiple Servers in the Android app is unfortunately not available.
Was just looking into this so I could add the HA I setup for my parents to my phone as well. Web based access won’t do it as I’m looking for device tracking capabilities and push notifications (I care more when something goes wrong on their server than they do).

Docs clearly only have a section for Apple when it comes to Adding Additional Servers.

EDIT: I was able to accomplish what I needed with the App ‘App Cloner’ by AppListo, which I found the download for on APKMirror. There was a warning about cloud notifications not working vs persistent, so we’ll see if that ends up working out or not. If I remember I’ll report back after testing it out for a few days.


EDIT2: Actionable notifications appear to work and the actions actually open the correct cloned HA app!

I have been trying to run two instances for a while and suddenly it just worked… the way i solved it
was first to open one instance trough chrome on an android device and used the “add to homescreen feature”

then i installed the home assistant companion app and set up my other home with the app. and then the companion app has two icons and runs two different homes…
the only differences is that one is called Home Assistant and the other one just Assistant

“Add to Homescreen” will simply create a shortcut to open the page in a Chrome webview without controls like address bar etc. This is not a second instance of the app, it’s just a nicer looking browser view. Works for controlling most things, but you will not have a “Companion app” item under “Settings”, and thus stuff like device sensor reporting and NFC tag reading will not work.