Multiple homes in the companion app

Is it possible to have multiple homes within the companion app? I have a Home Assistant for my parents house and mine. It would be nice to be able to switch between two homes in the app. As a workaround, is it possible to install the companion app twice? For example, is there a place to download an ipa file for the app with a different ID string? Then I could side load a second copy with AltStore. Or, can a second copy of the app be uploaded to the App Store until this feature is implemented?

Maybe use in weblink and not app or mix
2 App instances are not possible and dual homes not possible.

Else you could have I frame to second HA or use API to add and control entities from 2nd HA

Maybe Android it can be done (2 app install)

Thanks for the ideas. I am almost positive this is possible on android with 2 app installs. I think Samsung phones even have something to do this built in. Without jail breaking, I don’t know any way of doing this on iOS.

I just found this GitHub issue about this feature. I’ll take a look through that thread.

On OnePlus devices there is the parallel apps possibility. It can, for example, run two instances of WhatsApp bounded to two different SIMcards. Maybe this will work for HA too…

From GitHub

This is probably more trouble that it will be worth, but when we start beta testing of 2.0.0 you will be able to have the beta app and released app installed side by side without having conflicting data or any links between the two. You could set up each one for a different location.

I didn’t go through entire thread but the idea of using beta for second instance solves many issues. I believe this would also work on IOS

Have you considered putting the parents home on Nabu Casa? You could then access theirs seperately as remote through browser.

Thanks for all the workaround ideas.

Android: I know it is possible on android to install multiple instances of the same app. Unfortunately it is not possible (as far as I have found) on iOS or macOS (at least Mac store apps).

Beta apps: I wish this would work, but it does not. It does not seem possible to install TestFlight apps along side the App Store version. That post from the GitHub issue is pretty old. My guess is that person was talking about the android app, or that TestFlight works differently now.

Nabu Casa: Both instances are in Nabu Casa (I am now paying for 2 subscriptions for this). That does not help access through the app, although it is nice having access available anywhere.