Multiple installed of Home Assistant Companion App Android

Hi, may i know is it possible to install multiple instance of the HA companion app? I’m planning to install it at my phone and my wife’s phone, both are Android phones.

Will the tracker and notifications work independently works fine and independently?

Please advise.

Yes this is possible. There will be separate device trackers, battery sensor etc. for you and your wife. And also a separate service for sending notifications.

I am writing here in order to have the information in one place.
I am thinking also to install 2 more instances of the companion app (1 wife + 1 kid)
I am wondering if it will be possible (and how) not to expose all the interface of HA just a few switches and sensors and if I can set privileges like not permission to delete or alter anything.

You should open your own topic for this. Please don’t post your questions on solved topics, noone (except for me and OP) is going ro read this.

To your question:
You could use custom header and create separate views for you, your wife and your kid. That’s what I do.

Point taken for the new thread.
I will look how I could do it with custom header. If it is something easy please tell me otherwise I will ask in the given thread

It’s pretty easy take a look here in the docs of the card.

if it is not difficult for you can you please to post an example configuration of this kind because I feel a little lost?

Read the docs from the card, it’s all explained pretty detailed there

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Install HACS
Use HACS to install Custom Header

The link Burningstone posted is an example configuration for precisely what you want to do.