Multiple remote HA Greens

Hi All,
I am new to HA and the HA community, I have been testing HA green to gather PIR room motion sensor data & door sensor data, I have added influxDB and Grafana to generate real time graphs from the data & this works well.
However, I would like to do this with multiple HA greens (4 units) sending their sensor data to and having a separate database for each unit.

My question is what is the best way to send the sensor data from each unit? Should I create a domain with tunnelling for each unit? Create a VPN? I would like to be able to check the connection status of each unit and also forward the sensor data from each unit to influxDB & them Grafana.
Some units may have to be on a 4G router with Ethernet port (I know this can add issues with fixed IP)
Any advice/guidance would really help, setting up and testing on a local device has been easy but setting up multiple remote units is a challenge for me. This would be to monitor a group of elderly people to check they are in a regular living routine.
Thank you for your time

Look at nebula. I don’t use because it does bot fit my network scenario but I prefer it to tailscale or headscale.

If you don’t like nebula, tailscale or headscale is the way to go.

All 3 are modern improvement on VPN but not VPN. All 3 are free.

The 3 recommendations eliminate that as a problem.

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Thanks for the advice tmjpugh much appreciated

Check Home Assistant Community Add-on: ZeroTier One

I use it to remotely connect/monitor tens of systems. I found it more reliable and performant to tailscale or cloudflared.

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Thanks for that information, much appreciated