Multiple z-wave instances

I would like to see multiple z-wave instances allowed.
I’m using usb over ip. Would like one z-wave stick to be remote and one local

Remote…what do you mean by “remote”? Like you you want to control 2 zwave networks in one instance of HASS?

I believe second stick may be added as secondary controller

Essentially yes. 2 z-wave networks. One in home and one in shop. They are both network connected now. Not sure if z-wave extenders would reach or be reliable.

Gotcha. With the eventual move to OZW 1.6 this may become possible as the connection will be via MQTT (look around the forum here and you’ll see posts about v1.6. For now I run a separate hass instance for my zwave network and connect it via MQTT discovery. Check out [Guide] Separating ZWave to a Separate HASS Instance via MQTT Statestream