Multiply devices home and away


I have made a automation that says if my device is home after 16:00 o’clock and before 06:00 o’clock, and my wife’s device isn’t home. Then the light will turn on.

But how can I add a “or” function that says

If me or my wife is home after 16:30 o’clock and there is no one home. Then the light will turn on.

And can I add, if it’s after 23:00 o’clock then the light turns on in 10% light ??

Please show the code you got currently. With this we should be able to help you better.

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I have uploaded a picture now

I just made a group that is Household.
So group.household will be home if someone is home and not_home if both of us are gone.

    - person.max
    - person.tina

This is for lights off when we aren’t home but you could just change that

  alias: Lights off when we are away
  description: ''
  - entity_id: group.household
      minutes: 3
    from: home
    platform: state
    to: not_home
  condition: []
  - scene: scene.all_lights_off

That’s clever :slight_smile: I’ll see if I can find out how to make a group. I’m new to this. But I’m programming plc’s in my work :slight_smile:

No pictures please. Copy the code in here then highlight it and press the </> button at the top. Please also read this

See the docs here


You group automations, dos it says if you are more than 3 min. From home. Then you are not home. Otherwise you are home and the light will turn on?? And it’s doesn’t matter if it’s one of you or both of you that are away?

The code I posted checks if the household (both of us) have been not_home for 3 minutes, then it will run the scene all_lights_off

I have a similar one that just checks for household sort of like this:

entity_id: group.household
  to: home
- scene: scene.arrived_home

Where do you define this?
I don’t see a group in the UI I could select and add persons

These are just persons added in the “People” section of the Settings on the main menu

Alright. Got it.
Thank you!