MultiRoom Wired Audio With Volumio

Hey guys, for the past few I had been working on a multi room audio system with “volumio”. Now I come to the point where I can share that with you all. Some of you already have that or better system than that; but I thought I’d share it anyway. My system is composed of 6 RPi B+, 8 ports gig port switch and 6 Hifiberry AMP2 routed back to a cabinet. I also have a 7’ touchscreen display to controller audio in different rooms throughout my house. I did want to spend a lot of money into sonos or some cheap wireless speakers; so I decided to go this route instead.

NB: I hope somebody enhance it and share back.


That is a fantastic project, one which I was planning to do for some time.
Would you mind sharing a how to with links to the parts and details on software setup please

Very cool! Great work. I to would be interest to see a how to of this project as I’m considering my MultiRoom options at the moment

Would be interested in the speakers you are using too.

no problems
Raspberry PI 3 B+ or any pi’s on

HiFiBerry AMP2 or AMP+ on amazon

Volumio is open source

Raspberry pi Touch Screen 7" on ebay

24Pcs 24K Gold Banana Plug Plugs Audio Speaker Wire Cable Connector on ebay

SuperMicro X8SIL-F 1U Short Case Server with builtin power supply.


I’ll put an how-to together on github in the next few days.


Any luck for a howto?

Not yet my man, I haven’t had any time yet. Give me until next weekend

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That’s ok, take your time, no hurry, I was just going through all my open tabs(Chrome):grin: and cleaning.

Ok my man, this step-by-step which the one i followed, will get you started with “Volumio” in no time. Enjoy!!!

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This is really awesome! didnt know about Volumio until this post. Would love to see a demo of this in action… how well does HASS intigrate into Volumio?

Looking nice, but a couple of questions.

  • Are all your speakers wired back to a central cabinet where this box sits?
  • Does volumio sync your players? (I use logitech media server with squeezeboxes and the sync is great!)

PS I like the idea of a 7 foot touch screen!

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Yes all of my speakers are wired back to a cabinet where the box is located. Also there’s a logitech media server module on it too; but I have not yet been able to make the sync work properly.

Great setup.

Can you stream different content to different rooms simultaneously, e.g. mp3 in bedroom, web radio in lounge, spotify in kitchen, etc.?

If so how do you accomplish it?

Yes you can stream different radio station or mp3 in different room.

great project! mixed also interesting me

sorry to bring this thread back … this seems awesome man … is there a more detailed way on how did you wired the psu to provide power to everything ?? I am planning on making this for my whole house audio very soon and would like some input on this

I just want that 7 foot touch screen!

Taking a look at the first pic, bear in mind that on a PC power supply the yellow cables are 12v.

Each of the pi’s has a hifiberry amp, which runs on 12-24v, and you’ll see each has a yellow cable running to it. The amp also powers the pi.

There also seems to be a 12v connection to the vicinity of the of the switch.

It looks to me like twisted pairs (like network cables) are used for the hifiberry amp speaker out to the banana plug outputs.

One last thing, you can do it this way and centralise everything and run wires for speakers. Or you can put the pi or similar device in each room and reach each by wired/wireless network, Up to you, I do the latter. Sometimes wifi is easier to reach a particular place. If you’re starting with the board off the walls and are absolutely sure where you want every speaker, the approach in this thread is very viable.

(or of course a combination).

Thanks for the reply … i saw the video and no way i can do that by myself i can’t solder for shit i’ll keep looking online for a better solution … is either that or the monoprice 6 Zone amp and a couple of this since i have an odd 9 Zones that i want to use for multi room audio.