Mushroom Cards - Build a beautiful dashboard easily 🍄 (Part 1)

I’m using the Lock card for my SwitchBot Lock. How can I get the door state into the card like it is shown in the reference screens:

I can’t find a configuration setting for that. The SwitchBot Lock has a binary sensor for indicating the open- or closed-state of the door.

mushroom/ui newbie here…

trying to use some Hue scenes on a chip, are we supposed to mention the scene twice? Once in the entity (also to have it show its entity_picture), and once under the action?

  - type: custom:mushroom-chips-card
      - entity: scene.marte_gedimd
        <<: &chip_scene
          type: entity
          use_entity_picture: true
          content_info: none
            action: call-service
            service: scene.turn_on
              entity_id: scene.marte_gedimd

      - entity: scene.marte_nachtlampje
        <<: *chip_scene
      - entity: scene.marte_helder
        <<: *chip_scene
      - entity: scene.marte_herfstgoud
        <<: *chip_scene

with the latter under target, I get an error in the config when clicking … unfortunately this would also mean I can not use the yaml anchor, but thats a minor issue

they are displayed alright (still need to fix the ugly border margin), and the scene is activated.

Seems odd we need to use the entity twice though, please help me out?

Hello ! :mushroom:

A new Mushroom version is released.
It adds a new card for select and input_select entity :bookmark_tabs: and actions for title card to easily navigate between your views.



Happy update and thank you to contributors and supporters :slightly_smiling_face:


I have tried several css intigrations to change the colour of the whole button when the light is active but so far no succes. Is there a way to change the colour of the compleet light button when the light is on?

I’ve installed 2.5.1 but can’t use the select card in yaml. I’ve done a refresh, cache clear and restart.

Am I missing something ?

Custom element doesn’t exist: mushroom-select-card

type: custom:mushroom-select-card
entity: select.workshop_uplights_preset
name: Preset

Not sure if this is what you are looking for ?

Better to post there ?

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Change card background is what you mean?

  style: |
    ha-card {
      background: rgba(var(--mush-rgb-amber), 0.2);

I want the whole card to change colour when the light is on and back to default when its off

FYI there’s more iOS issues with this one haha.

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You could use my lock card.


One of my first posts :grinning:. Have a look here:

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What door looks are you using? Can you recommend some?

Very very nice card! But i don’t use node red.
The card stay’s grey and don’t show a picture of what’s playing.
I can see with text what is playing but that’s all.

How do i fix this?

Do you have card_mod installed?

Yes, installed and it’s working with other cards.

This is what i see:

What does the entity state show in Dev Tools?

Hi all, I need to make a small change in the mushroom thermostat card. My thermostat can change the set temperature in steps of 0.5 but the thermostat card changes the temp in steps of 0.1. Is it possible to change that?

State: Playing

Maybe it’s my crappy Xiaomi Mi-Tvbox…
This is what is shows now:

So I am now upgrading my room card. First version seems to be a little boring so I decided to give it a dynamic look.

When the lights are “on” the card displays a centered background picture of my living room. The buttons above also controls the the extra information field and the lightbar. When they are off the card stays a simple as it should be.


When spotify starts playing in the room, the background of the card will change to the album cover playing on spotify. This way you can keep track of what music is playing in which room

As you can see animated icons are also present in the card. Room motion states, door and window sensors and scenes are all can be controlled and viewed within this simple card.

And when everything are off the card will fade away.

There is another very nice feature about this card. In a room where all the lights are off but the air conditioner is on, the card’s entire color will fade, but the main icon color will still remain colored. This indicates that a device such as an air conditioner is still operating in the room. Also, animated animation icons rotate at the bottom of the card.


In addition, an animated snow sign continues to rotate at the bottom of the page.

The card will be ready in a few days and all code will be posted on my github page. The card is available in both horizontal and vertical style. There will also be option in the chip section where you switch between vertical and horizontal cards.


@rhysb out of curiosity is your media_player.currently_playing an aggregated media_player? If so would you mind sharing how you configured it?
Personally I have 1 physical media device, nvidia shield but in total multiple media players: shield, cast and depending number of plex cast source several others.