Mushroom Cards - Build a beautiful dashboard easily 🍄 (Part 1)

Because you’re applying card_mod to a light card.

I want to apply it to the whole thing, is this possible?

To make the fan spin?

No, I want to Apply a Border or a Shading background to the whole mushroom card. I am able to shade the individual buttons and Chips, but I have a full card for each room all on one page, and there’s no clear definition to which buttons belong to which card.

I have read through the thread and tried various style options, but as far as I could get was getting individual buttons to shade.

try with

 box-shadow: none;

under card_mod

read about posting code (with-in 3 back-ticks), so it’s readable !

Thanks for the suggestion but no change to the card at all. I tried with it backed up the first line and inline under the last line.

Note: This is just the code from the simplest card there are much longer cards with more elements.

type: vertical-stack
  - type: custom:mushroom-chips-card
      - type: entity
        entity: sensor.smartthings_motion_sensor_temperature_measurement
          action: none
        name: 'Hall:'
        content_info: name
        icon_color: deep-orange
        icon: hue:room-stairs
          action: none
          action: none
      - type: spacer
      - type: entity
        entity: binary_sensor.smartthings_motion_sensor_motion
        content_info: state
        use_entity_picture: false
    alignment: start
  - type: custom:mini-graph-card
      - entity: sensor.smartthings_motion_sensor_temperature_measurement
        name: Hall Temp
  - type: custom:mushroom-light-card
    entity: light.hall
    icon: mdi:lightbulb-group
    fill_container: false
    use_light_color: false
    show_brightness_control: true
    name: Hall Lights
    box-shadow: none;

this was not mend for you :wink: , note who i answered to

but yes your code looks better now :wink:

put your card mod under each card, for a start, until you are familiar with “cards” and card_mod

i.e vertical-stack is not a card, in the same manner as others

Here’s an example :blush: :

type: custom:mushroom-chips-card
  - type: template
    icon: weather-{{ states("weather.home") }}
    content: '{{ states("sensor.temperature", with_unit=True) }}'
type: custom:stack-in-card

will give a default border. The vertical-stack doesn’t.

Why i have theses shadows after last update with minimalist theme ?

How do i get a mushroom style card for sliders? i want to use an input_number as an entity and show both its name and as secondary info its state.

+1, popped up after the latest update, had to roll back to 2.7.0


Wonderful, had to get the stack in card from hacs but this is exactly what I wanted thank you so much! Is there a Style option to set the border px size\color?

Last question I promise.

Tried the following:

style: |
  ha-card {
    background-color: #30254f; border: solid 10px white; box-shadow: none;

@danwooller thanks, I get the groups idea, but these are scenes. They control which lights come on and the brightness level. Not sure you if you can do that through groups. Or can you?

Or is there a way to combine? Groups trigger the colour, button activates the scene?

Take out white, should work.

If you have a switch called ‘all lights’ and define all your lights under light: in your configration, then when you call that switch all the lights come on. If you add all: true, then if some of the lights are on the switch won’t register as on and you can still do on/off on all the lights

  name: "Downstairs Lights"
  all: true
    - light.cellar
    - light.cleaning_cupboard_left

I’ve just re-read that you want to control the brightness as well. The groups won’t do that, I think my solution would be use the groups as I suggest and then have an automation that sets the brightness when that light comes on (different brightness for times of the day?).

This is well beyond the scope of Mushroom Cards though.

Got the same issue, have cleared cache not going away. Gonna downgrade to 2.7.0

I am guessing that is a mushroom tile card?, why not use minimalist’s tile card instead ?

      - type: "custom:button-card"
        template: card_title
        name: Outside

I have the same issue. rollback to 2.7.0