Music Assistant 2.0: Your Music, Your Players

Adding to playlist does not seem to be working at the moment. This is being investigated.

I think this is a fair request relatively easy to implement

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This request will most probably take a few years before it gets implemented as its a lot of work (to get right) for only very little benefit. There is a marker that its syncing and that is enough for now. So just sit through the first initial scan and after that its pretty fast

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You can’t disable the builtin providers. I still really do not get the usecase. If you have the data local, that is already used, it wont bother you.

Can the marker be a little more obvious? Like a big loud banner that says “Scanning…” No need for a counter as can appreciate how hard that is to get accurate.

Why do you have a disable switch in the GUI? Personally I am not worrying about them, mainly trying to answer other people’s questions. But I can see their point. It may just be trust issues. Some of us like to feel fully in control of our apps. It is why we use HA and not some big company kit. We like on and off switches that we control :slight_smile:

MUCH more importantly - brilliant update in the new beta 2.1.0.b15 as it now solves my troubles I documented above with the multiple copies of same album. Much appreciated. Thanks. Am also glad I could help feed into the project.


Awesome add on, I would love to know when or if Amazon Echo devices were ever to be supported, because currently I have no idea how to play local media through my amazon echo devices? It’s just not really possible with a nice dashboard attached.

It will get looked at eventually but it is difficult.

Why would I want to disable the builtin providers:

  1. The fear to get a screwed library with wrong/missing metadata.
  2. To increase sync speed and performance, because you don’t need to request anything from remote sources, I think.

I agree.
I had no idea that there is a marker, I haven’t noticed it yet.

I will be waiting for this feature :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha, at some point we had it more obvious/visible and then people started shouting it was annoying so we removed it. I’ll see if I can bring it back in a subtle way (or maybe feature-toggle it)

  1. We dont use the scrapers for your local data.
  2. We dont use the scrapers while parsing your lcoal data

In fact, the scrapers are only used for non-local files (as they have very poor metadata). In case of local files, the only time a scraper would be used is for the artist images if you dont have an artist folder structure setup and for artist biography.

If I have some time left over at some point while working on this area I’ll see if I can quickly built in some toggles to select for what the scrapers may be used.

Be aware that local files is not our top priority - we want to support all nowadays ways of listening to music, so a combination of local files and streaming providers and our architecture is based on that principle. I’m not going to deviate from that but all music providers should work equally correct and I respect the fact that for local files, the metadata is also locally stored (as long as you setup the correct structure)

Shock! Can’t make everyone happy… :rofl: I want big flashing strobe lights :rotating_light: and sirens :loudspeaker: when data is updating… (/joking)

If I can work out what the symbol is it may not be too bad. (Maybe I should RTFM) When rescanning this morning I had no idea if and when it finished. So just walked away and left it to it. Not as if scanning will happen that often. So a very unimportant feature.

As you note in the post at the start of this thread - no one reads manuals. We just dive in and push buttons until something breaks. So far done pretty well without knowing what is going on. I also don’t expect manuals in beta software anyway as something will change after it has been written about.

Just updated to 2.1.0b15, let me see if I’m still confused after I set it up.

Let me change the subject. Using the HA integration on HAOS. A new version was available today and I installed it. It appears to be 2024.7.1.b0 looking at the info in the Integration screen and the addon is version: 2.0.7.

I’m confused about the home screen. If I click on the Tracks or Artists or Albums icons, I get the properly sorted data as selected.

But on the main screen, each of these rows seems to have random tracks selected with arrows at each end. The album or track or artist is not sorted properly and I can’t figure out how it’s useful.

Same confusion with Playlists. Selecting the Playlist icon shows only those I’ve created. This picture shows the few playlists I want at the moment.


And I achieve that ONLY by clicking the favorites icon to just show favorites. If I unclick the Favorites icon, a whole lot appear, and I can’t get rid of them.

And on the main screen, playlists shows as attached.

So 2 issues/questions:

  1. I don’t understand what displays on the Home screen and the order in which it is displayed
  2. I don’t understand how to get rid of Playlists

Thanks so much for your work. I’m very excited about this project.

We do have documentation and that icon is mentioned Installation - Music Assistant

I’ve deleted the old integration and addon, and installed 2.1.0b15 integration and addon. A lot of improvements that I’ve noticed already. But strangely, every time I click the MA tab in HA, it takes me to the settings page. I’ve already set up music and player providers and enabled other odds and ends. Any idea why that would be?

Was that for me? I don’t understand how that applies to my two questions, particularly why I can’t get rid of Playlists.

No it was not. The settings tab thing was supposed to be fixed. I’ll look at the open issue and see where it is at.

I noticed that Music Assistant was added to the built in add-on repository list:

Is there a plan for the integration to move out of HACS and become official? Very excited to try this out if so!

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Yes that is the plan :+1:


Good afternoon…
First of all, thx for the awesome work on this piece of software…i know how much work it costs to keep stuff like that improving and alive…
But i might need a hand…i cant find out to actually play music with it.
The addon is installed and setup with music source and such
The integration is up and running…
Now how do i play music with it from lets say a pop up card?
I tried to just point to the server address, no luck, tried to point to the dashboard url, no luck…
Thx for any hint :slight_smile: