My Custom Cards for Minimalist UI

I thought the size is not correct but it´s the normal behavior… Ahhh.
Thanks it works great.

How to set the icon correctly?
icon does work but it´s also very big…

Same thing:

        - width: "35%" <---- CHANGE THIS

it also looks like you are not using the minimalist theme, this is why everything in black and white.

Hello Andy,
thank you for your work. I am really impressed. Unfortunately, I’m a complete beginner and have been struggling through the settings for a few weeks. Still, my goal is to use your cards.

I am currently receiving the error message in the screenshot in the dashboard. I put all custom cards in the /config/ui_lovelace_minimalist/custom_cards directory. Otherwise, I copied the directory structure from your dashboard.

Do you have another tip for me?


hi, thanks, you need to copy the folders into custom_cards not just the yaml files, try that

Thanks for the reply. Did you mean it like in the screenshot? With this structure I still get the same error message.

yes, did you restart Minimalist UI or HA afterwards ?, and refresh the Dashboard using the three dot top right of dashboard.

Yes, I did both of those. Unfortunately nothing changes and the error message still appears.

Do you have any other ideas about what I can change or test?

post your full yaml files in a zip, and I’ll take a look.

Hi Andy, BIG THX for your support. I’m excited to see if you find anything.

Lovelace Minimalist

first thing I noticed is
button_card_templates: !include_dir_merge_named ../../../custom_components/ui_lovelace_minimalist/__ui_minimalist__/ulm_templates/

should be
button_card_templates: !include_dir_merge_named ../../custom_components/ui_lovelace_minimalist/__ui_minimalist__/ulm_templates/

Unbelievable, those 2 little dots cost me so much time. Now it seems to be working and the first room card appears in the dashboard. I hope to make progress step by step from now on.


Thank you so much for your support!

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Hello @andyblac ,

It is possible to have the code to know how you create this card ?


Hello @Littlejoe ,

Is it possible to have the code behind this card ?

the link to my GitHub is in the 1st post.

@andyblac your cards look amazing. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get them installed in hacs. As if I add them manually, i need to maintain the updates. The link at the bottom of your github, opens up the my-cards in hacs from GitHub - AnthonMS/my-cards: Bundle of my custom Lovelace cards for Home Assistant. Includes: my-slider, my-slider-v2, my-button.

I’m getting the follow error <Plugin andyblac/UI-Minimalist-Custom-Cards> Repository structure for v2.1 is not compliant when trying to add the custom repo
GitHub - andyblac/UI-Minimalist-Custom-Cards: A modified version of Minimalist Room Card. and category lovelace

Can you please have a look ?

just uploaded version 2.3 to beta git.

– added option to use Area info:
ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_area_id: *area_id*

with this you no longer need to specify an name or icon as these will use what you have set in the Area, but can be overridden .

also, if you are using ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_area_id, you can now use ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_use_area_picture: true and this will cause the room card to use the area picture as it’s background.

and you can now also use ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_icon_color_bg and ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_icon_color_on_bg to control the icon background opacity and colour.


  # Office
  - type: custom:button-card
      grid-area: room10
      - custom_card_andyblac_room
      action: navigate
      navigation_path: office
      ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_area_id: office
      ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_use_area_picture: true
      # ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_color: rgb(245,90,49)
      sensor_label_1: sensor.wiser_lts_temperature_office
      sensor_label_2: sensor.wiser_lts_humidity_office
        entity_id: climate.wiser_office
        ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_sensor_show_on_state_only: true
        entity_id: binary_sensor.office_door_contact
        entity_id: cover.office_window_shade
        entity_id: switch.office_sockets_1_left
          action: toggle
        entity_id: switch.office_sockets_1_right
        # ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_sensor_color: rgba(245,90,49,0.4)
          action: toggle
        entity_id: light.office_dimmer
        ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_icon_color: rgba(var(--color-theme),0.5)
        ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_icon_color_bg: rgba(var(--color-theme),0.2)
        ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_icon_color_on: amber
        ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_icon_color_on_bg: rgba(var(--color-amber),0.3)

sorry but my cards can not be added via HACS, as UI-Minimalist does not support GitHub for maintaining custom cards, the only way is to manually add my cards to the correct folder.

Hi @andyblac - great to see the progress since last we spoke. Great work!

I was wondering if you have considered a navigation card, similar to the status/scene card but for a simple navigation button. I tried to play around with status card - which would work if I created a helper entity to enable the right behaviour.

what info would want displayed (name / label), or do you mean like scene icon only ?