My Custom Cards for Minimalist UI

Let me clean it up a bit. I also have baxkground colors and gradient change thruout the day based on sun elevation and weather

I don’t want to further hijack this thread so I’ll message you


Loving these cards! Have already made a ton of progress that I was struggling with on the built-in cards. One of my entities is an automatic window blind. To open it from the room card I’m calling a service to open the blind. Is there anyway to have the color of the icon change if the blind is open? In the standard lovelace dashboards there is an attribute of ‘state_color: true’ that seems to work. Any chance this would work for these cards? I’ve tried a few variations, but no luck so far.

                entity_id: cover.family_room_sliding_door
                icon: mdi:blinds-open
                ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_icon_color_on: blue
                  action: call-service
                  service: cover.open_cover
                    entity_id: cover.family_room_sliding_door

glad your making progress, as for entity state on colour ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_icon_color_on: blue should have taken care of it.

Can you test your cover in a sensor object, let me know if state colour works, if so I know what the issue is.

BTW, you could just use, and that should open and close the cover.

          action: toggle

I probably will use the toggle if I can get the color to change based on state. Created the sensor object and same issue, the icon doesn’t change color.

                entity_id: cover.master_bedroom_slider
                icon: mdi:test-tube
                ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_icon_color_on: yellow
                tap_action: action:toggle

sensor objects have different variable names, but looking at that it is bright blue, so that tells me that it has detected the open state.

use ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_sensor_color_on

also if you don’t use a custom icon, it will use the state icon ie

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just pushed a fix for this to the dev branch, download here try it and let me know.

That works! I only replaced the room card yaml with the dev branch. Any reason I should (or shouldn’t) update them all?

Thanks for the help!

thats great, thanks for the bug report, and no, just room card was changed.

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Oh really liked these modified cards.
Can you explain how enable the fan animation ?

i havn’t yet pushed that to git, I will be adding some automation files, early next week. jusy need time to get on MAC. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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added some animation files to dev branch, including fan.

use like this:

        entity_id: fan.wetroom_extractor
        ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_icon_color_on: blue
          - fan_animation

if anyone creates any new animations, i would be happy to add to git, just create a PR

Sorry can you kindly clarify where is the code and does it needs to be copied to your andyblac_room.yaml?

first download the animation icons folder from the dev git, and add to the rooms folder in your install, then restart Minimalist UI as normal, then just use the code above in your dashboard code.

the templates can be used on any of the icons, (Room, Entities, Sensors)

Great thanks a lot its working well.

Is it possible to have the motion icon greyed out when there is no motion detected and it becomes only red coloured and displays motion animation when motion is detected?

I was using your below code to do the change the colour of icon with and without motion, but its stopped working since adding in the - motion_animation template?

              ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_sensor_color: grey
              ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_sensor_color_on: red

just pushed a fix to the dev branch, give it a test and report back, but it should be fixed.

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Get in! Fixed thank you very much.
Can sleep in peace now :laughing:

just created a new git with my template sensors, dashboard, config file, etc etc

Thinking of adding a Climate button on room card, what do you guy’s think ?