My have wrong date

My in log file show now is 02:29 of 19 Sept 2019
But now is UTC +1 time 19:28 of 05 Oct 2019

Why date and hour is wrong?

No access to NTP server?

How can I solve it in

Does it have access to the internet?

Yes, but I suspect firewall do not opened port UDP 123 for NTP
could be this the problem?

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quite likely

I opened port 123 in the router and restarted the router… and finally I solved the problem
Time sync problem cause a lot of problems…one of this is that you are unable to upgrade Hassio and history and logbook do not works.

You don’t say what hardware you are using, but I am guessing rpi. They do not have a real time clock (RTC) so need access to ntp.