My Home Assistant configuration… IT'S ALIVE

And here we go.


Notification Audio

  • TTS “Good Morning” notification over all Sonos speakers. Includes templated date, birthday countdown, weather, to-do’s etc.
  • TTS “Welcome home User” notification over all Sonos speakers.
  • TTS notification when User arrives at specific Zones.
  • TTS notification when User leaves specific zones which includes travel time home.
  • TTS notification if the garage door has been open for 30 minutes with no motion in garage.
  • TTS test notification

Notification Text

  • Pushbullet notification when new Home Assistant version is available on PyPI.
  • Pushbullet notification when Nest thermostats go into Home/Away modes.
  • Pushbullet notification when critical network devices go offline.
  • Pushbullet notification if the garage door is left open after we left the house.
  • Pushbullet notification if the garage door is opened and no one is home.
  • Pushbullet notification if the garage door has been open for 30 minutes with no motion in garage.
  • Pushbullet notification test.
  • Pushbullet when SSL certificate expiration sensor <= 10 days.
  • Pushbullet when any battery sensor falls below 20%
  • Pushbullet for a failed login attempt.

Notification Visual



  • Exterior lights to 100% if Ring Pro Doorbell detects motion or is pressed after 9:00pm.
  • Exterior lights back to 35% after 30 minutes after doorbell motion or press.



  • Reset/Regroup all Sonos PLAY:1 speakers at 6:00am every morning.
  • Group all Sonos’ button.


  • If motion is detected via BRUH Automation multisensor or Amcrest cameras turn on input_boolean (used in binary_sensor for occupancy tracking).
  • If no motion is detected after certain period of time turn off input_boolean.

Sleep time


  • Run script to collect Cox Internet usage hourly.
  • Clean the TTS cache weekly.


  • Turn vacation mode on when household is gone for 24 hours.
  • Put Nest Thermostats in away mode when vacation mode active.


  • Life360 integration via shell mqtt broker found here
  • Home Assistant mysql database size sensor found here
  • Cox internet usage web parser script found here
  • WAN test script found here












it’s very cool

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I really need to clean up my yaml files to as neat and tidy as your ones!

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Thanks for sharing! What are you running HomeAssistant on? I have a QNAP NAS, and I run HomeAssistant in a Docker container. I need to figure out how to use git for version control.

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Hello bud thanks for this lovely share.

Quick question how do you use the life360 app to track your family? Does it work well with HA and does it give you real time updates?

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No problem, glad to share as I’ve gotten a lot of help from others who have shared. I run HA on a Raspberry Pi3 and it runs great. Github is pretty easy to figure out, just make sure your .gitignore is correct so you aren’t committing any secrets.

Yes, it’s been working great. Basically I just install the app on my wife and my phone and setup zones in HA. Using the Life360 integration broker leverages the Owntracks HA platform and updates the device tracker with your GPS coords, then the HA zones does the rest in updating your devices tracker status. I’ve been using Life360 for about 4 years and the HA integration for about 4 months and it’s been very stable.

Nice to hear!

Sorry to bother you with the questions but how often does the location update? and does it drain the battery in your phone?

From the app perspective I think when it’s in the background it will update every 5-minutes by default. But if you open the app it will automatically refresh. If you have drive tracking mode enabled it will update in real-time when driving. I’ve never had any issues with battery because most newer mobile OS’s handle location updates pretty efficiently.

I have the HA life360 broker fetching location every 3-minutes.

That sounds good. Are you using the custom component or the script?

Is there anyway you could write up a how to guide on this?


You have to setup the script and then setup the owntracks component to receive the data.

Read through the Life360 integration thread and let me know if you have any questions: Life 360 support

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Thank you for sharing!

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No problem. Hope it helps.

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New Devices:

Ordered Devices

New Automations:

  • Lights - Interior Master Turn on at Sunset if Home
  • Lights - Interior Master Turn off at 845PM
  • Notification Text - Garage Door - Left It Open
  • Notification Text - Garage Door - Opened And No One Is Home
  • Notification Audio- Garage Door - Open For 30min
  • Location - Set Garage Notification On If 1 Mile Away
  • Location - Set Garage Notication Off If Close To Home
  • Guest - Set House Guest Away after 5 Mins
  • Guest - Set House Guest Home after 10 Mins
  • Holiday Lighting

New Components

May I ask what is pi hole and how have you used it ? I fail to understand on their website.


@bachoo786 is software you run on your Raspberry Pi in order to turn it into a local DNS server. The use-case is:

  1. To block known ad serving domains at a network level
  2. To cache forward lookups for faster browsing
  3. Monitoring and statistics


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How did you do the internet usage script?

It’s documented pretty well in my GitHub repo. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you very much for sharing your config! I’ve been using HA on and off for the past year and haven’t really got round to organising everything properly, however your setup has helped push me in the right direction and I’m now using yours as a template for my HA! I think it was the way you summarised your environment in the first post that grabbed me, so thanks for that!

I too have ordered a load of Xiaomi sensors so I look forward to seeing how you integrate them.

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Thank you for the nice comments, I did the same with @geekoftheweek’s repo. I had installed and played with HA for a while but once I read through his configs I got a lot of inspiration. Here is his repo:

I’m really excited to get the Xiaomi sensors. I’ll definitely update the thread when I start playing around with them.


Thanks for the shoutout. I found it was a lot easier for me when I started to look at working examples so I thought I would do the same. Glad it has been useful to people.