My ideal HA RPI 4 setup!

Hi for those who are interested I show you my ideal HA setup to my opinion.

I started some 2 years ago with HA on a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB with a micro SD 64gb. I built my instance overtime until on a day I bricked my SD card (of course) and I lost everything. My strong advice is never to start HA on a SD card whatever they are recommending. Don’t do it!

I stopped with HA for a few months to regain energy to restart the project. And this is the result in terms of hardware which I am using now:

  1. a RPI 4GB
  2. aluminium heat case with a double fan controlled via HA
  3. a Kingston 128Gb SDD
  4. a KNUP SATA to USB 2.0 adapter
  5. a Baseus power bank 45W 20000mah.
  6. a aluminium mounting plate 10x20x.9cm

The result is that’s it’s fast. Cools when needed. Plenty of data space. It’s well protected against power surges. And can run stand alone for at least 12 hours in case of a power dip (not uncommon where I live).

As they say Hardware is for losers but I am quite happy with this:

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Interesting setup.

How are you controlling the fan?

Via a thermostat card and a switch over GPIO 18 (requires a transistor and a resistor). I found the setup under fan control RPI in the community

Controlling cooling fan for Raspberry Pi 4

I put the transistor and resistor in the small grey box. I added a blue led to it which lights up when the fan runs

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