My latest Lovelace Screens [Updated]

Thanks - did not even consider that lol

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This is brilliant thanks and give me a kick up the arse to get mine sorted today! as I have put it off for weeks now.

One question, how are you mounting theses please? and what hardware are you using… plus any photos of them in place? I don’t ask for much I know! thanks :smiley:

 mounted tablets (Android & IOS) as well as RPi with 7" touchscreens 
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Dude thats a whole other github lol, but I have been meaning to upload some pics of the real world applications talked about in my Git. I will do that in the coming weeks, I really should’ve taken more pics during installation.

Wall mounted tablets - These are mounted via very strong magnets located in a recessed wall plate inside the recess is magnets, a wireless charger and 5v 2a inverter. I then simply place over a blank slim line face plate and the tablet simply attaches with a strategically placed magnet to its rear. That way they can be removed at any time and there are no exposed cabling.

Pi with touch screen - This was a pain in the arse, there really isn’t very much out there for a wall mount solution I bought some touch screen enclosures from design spark. These fit the Pi and the screen nicely but aren’t designed for wall mounting but rather desktop placement, so I did up a 3D sketch and used the same principle as above. Placed power supply inside recessed wall section and placed 3 large magnets to line up with the existing enclosure. It holds really well but is a massive pain to get back off the wall if you need to access SD card or power supply. The bathroom version is good as I had plenty of access in the wall cavity and I could power it from the ceiling. The one by the kitchen used as an alarm panel I couldn’t access power in the same way and needed to feed into the wall behind where there is access to the power behind the fridge.

Charging Station - I also made use of an Ikea magnetic knife rack this sits in the kitchen area and underneath is a Xiaomi smart power strip with 4 power outlets and 3 usb ports. I was sick of the constant charger cable tangle and mess and phones/tablets etc all over the place plus they all needed different cables. Now the phones get stuck to the magnet whilst charging in an organised OCD approved fashion.

ahh that is superb thanks. What tablets did you use please? As I want wall mounted and wireless charging as I MUST have no wires on show.

I have a spare galaxy s5 with wireless charging and now you have given me food for thought on how to use it… If I dare start cutting holes in the walls :slight_smile:

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I have a Samsung tab 3 downstairs and my wife’s old ipad upstairs not sure of the model am not an ifan but can find out.

thanks no need as I’m not an apple fan either. Just found you can get wireless chargers for android devices and are pennies on alliexpress

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Really awesome!!!

How does the coffee machine water level sensor work??? Is this a smart CM?


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Its a dumb Aldi coffee machine with an Ultrasonic sensor being added to the lid of the water reservoir. It reports the water level and when I trigger my morning routine, done by walking past a motion sensor it will read out weather etc and alert me if I need to refill water level before making coffee, it is mainly for my wife as she runs it without water all the bloody time.

Coffee Machine Package

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Next step with this is to rig up the buttons so they can be automated also, but making pod coffee is still a pretty much manual process, I could have the milk frother filled in the evening before I get up but to be honest its just part of my routine and how far does one take it to save maybe 2 mins.

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One question: how do you get the icon to turn yellow for Living: Detected?

Hey @jimpower, sorry to badger but any word on this?

I replied but maybe I forgot to reply directly to you sorry.

Actually thats a lie, and I really can’t remember I used to use a custom component to do this

But I think now I just set the device_class of the binary_sensors and they do the rest.

  - platform: template
## Door Sensors
        friendly_name: Front Door Sensor
        device_class: connectivity
        entity_id: sensor.front_door
        value_template: "{{ is_state('sensor.front_door', 'on') }}"
        icon_template: >-
          {% if is_state('sensor.front_door', 'on') %}
          {% elif is_state('sensor.front_door', 'off') %}
          {% else %}
          {% endif %}
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Nice job. Given you are in Aus, have you got Darksky working or are you using different weather feeds? I can see darksky referenced in your lovelace-ui.yaml, but I can’t see the sensor referenced anywhere else…just curious as I did not think we could get AU wether feeds from Dark Sky.

we can get Aussie weather on DarkSky but it is not very accurate from my experience which is why I stopped using it

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As @sparkydave states you can but they are pretty inaccurate which really baffles me as how hard would it be to scrape it from the BOM site like we do :slight_smile:

I use weather underground and the BOM weather platforms. I use the BOM states with my morning briefs etc and to display against my picture element cards. I have been meaning to adapt the custom weather card for use with the BOM platform I think I saw a new one added just last week here its on my to do list just there is alot. I still have boxes of sensors in my garage, led strips etc we are in the middle of house reno atm so bathroom is gutted but I get to run a few extras in there now :wink:

@jimpower @Pre10der I am now using this which works really well for a forecast, combined with the standard BOM sensor for the current values.

Yes that’s the one on my to do list just need to add it when I’m finished on my current lovelace card.

Great, thanks @sparkydave. I’ll give it a shot and like @jimpower, see if I can incorporate it into a lovelace card.

Nice work.
How it looks on phone screen?

To be honest I never really use on my phone as mainly everything is automated and I can use Alexa to do things if manual intervention is required. If I do need to press a button it is normally a smart button or tablet used for that. I will bring it up on my phone now, I have a Samsung S9 so I think screen size is odd compared to others brands?

Actually scaling doesn’t work to well for picture-elements cards I’m not sure how to achieve this maybe with using absolute positioning? I’m not sure if this can be done maybe someone smarter then me can way in on this but since it is CSS you should be able to.