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I don’t get the red problem because i don’t use stack, i’ve got a white card :slight_smile:
the line 98 is a line where we try to get a "state’ from a template but we need to use entities now , lets see what developper says …


So that’s a seperate issue then.

I did change my template to get rid of an error I was seeing - here is an example of one of my templates:

  - platform: template
          - sensor.dark_sky_daytime_high_temperature
          - sensor.dark_sky_overnight_low_temperature
          - sensor.dark_sky_precip_probability
        friendly_name: "Today"
        value_template: >
        entity_picture_template: >-
          {{ '/local/icons/dark_sky/' ~ states.sensor.dark_sky_icon.state ~ '.png'}}


Thanks @thomasloven for the fast fix of the fold-entity-row!


The problem with cards in stacks should be fixed with 0.81.1.

If you have problems with cards in conditionals, there’ll be a fix in 0.81.2.

Fold-entity-row will need to be updated for use with 0.81 (latest version on github is not backwards compatible with home-assistant 0.80 or earlier).


I’m having issues with the slider-entity-row. I get the following error message in UI:


My code is below:

      - id: 8506890d98aa4cf993b27df5a82dfbeb  # Automatically created id
        type: entities
        show_header_toggle: false
        title: Living Room
        - entity: light.color_living_room_lamp
          name: Colour Light
        - entity: light.living_room_lamp_2
          name: Left Light
          type: custom:slider-entity-row
        - entity: light.tv_light
          name: TV Light

That entity does actually exist - it will appear if I remove the custom type. Any ideas?


I just updated card-modder with the ability to specify a card size.

That can give you a bit more control over which card goes where on screen

More info on github.


Hey Thomas, yesterday I had a bunch of gradients working with your card-modder, however today only a few of them is working. The ones that are still working have this:

          "background": "linear-gradient(45deg,rgba(39,44,53,0.5),rgba(144,176,176,0.2))"

the ones not working have exactly the same.
I also tried:

          background-image: linear-gradient(45deg,#2ad8b5,#2cdea7,#7fecb0)

with no success, any ideas why some is working and some is not?


Could depend on the type of card you are modding. What cards are they?


Its a couple of different ones, the ones that worked yesterday was entities cards. The ones working today is the weather card (default, not custom) and a custom tiles card that is also working.


Hang on, let me update to 0.81.2 and see if I can reproduce this.


It works with an entities card for me with 0.81.2…
Is it only "background" that’s not working? How about, say "--paper-card-background-color": "red" or "font-size": "200%"?


Aaah, I forgot I updated to to 0.81.2 must be why they suddenly stopped working…

“–paper-card-background-color” works fine
also I have your? slider card on some of the entities in the card if that makes a difference


nope doesn’t work if I remove the ones with sliders either.

background-size: 100% 100%
height: 180px

Are you setting the card size and asking me why it turns out that size?


You can’t add stuff to the card with card modder, just change (some of) the things that are already there.

I think you’d have better luck with picture elements, but it won’t be easy.


Could you right click your non-working card and choose “Inspect” and show me what this part looks like:


Like this?


Aaah, I forgot I updated to to 0.81.2 must be why they suddenly stopped working…

I should have caught this.
You need to upgrade card-modder. Get the latest version off of github.


Cool, I´ll do that, just a question should it still be referenced as a module?


Either works, js or module.