My Lovelace Plugins


I updated to the latest version of long_press which does work, however it also still logs the below to the error log:

https://xxxxxx:8123/local/custom_ui/long-press.js?v=b6328c:96:48 Uncaught TypeError: document.querySelector(…).$$ is not a function



i have started to use the card-modder card, but when i give it a background and a color on the entities card the entities get the color that is set but the title of the card stays the default color. i’m i missing something? and with a glance card it works just fine.

      "background": "#2b2d3199"
      border-radius: 12px
      color: white


Can someone post an example of how the tracker card is configured in their configuration.yaml file?

show_installable: true

I have this, not sure if it is correct as this is all i see in the card…




Like this

    - cards
    - components


Folks, you should really use code blocks, otherwise the formatting is all wrong. If you don’t know what a code block is, scroll to the top of this page and read the very first thing you see.

To answer the question here’s a (properly formatted) custom_updater component:

  show_installable: false
  hide_sensor: true
    - components
    - cards
    - python_scripts


Thanks for this.

I tried using “Code Blocks”, not sure why it came out the way it did.



"--primary-text-color" : white


Oops. I forgot I used that at two places in the code…
Should be fixed now.

Anyway, you might want to remove long-press, upgrade to 0.80.3 and add hold_action: more_info/navigate/toggle/service to your elements config instead…


is this new included functionality documented somewhere? It doesn’t look like the Lovelace docs have been updated, nor do I see anything in the blog relating to it. Just wondering if this hold_action can be used elsewhere other than on picture elements…?


It’s not officially a feature yet. Will probably be released in 0.81.0 - with documentation.
Only picture elements.


would also love to see the CSS please :slight_smile:


This is awesome, nice work!
In the top picture it seems like it’s possible to have an input_select as the head, but I can’t find out how. If it’s possible, can I have the entities in the fold-entity-row change when I select something from the input_select?


I just did

type: custom:fold-entity-row
head: input_select.my_input
  - ...


can I change the width of the slider-entity-row when on single line? In the old custom-ui I changed the witdh to not cut off some of the light names. Now I have three lights called “Kitchen…” :grinning:


Hi - did you use CSS styling on the cards, or is it just a background image? Particularly interested in how you got the radius corners and alpha background to the boxes!


Hi i did use CSS for the styling of the cards injecting by cards using card modder

Here is a example of the code i use for one card cheers

- title: SYSTEM
  icon: mdi:pi-box
  background: center / cover no-repeat url("/local/back.png") fixed
  panel: false
    - type: vertical-stack
        - type: custom:card-modder
            type: glance
            title: Pi SYSTEM
            column_width: calc(100% / 4)
              - entity: sensor.processor_use
              - entity: sensor.memory_free
              - entity: sensor.last_boot
              - entity: sensor.disk_free_
           background-image: url("/local/cardbackK.png")
           background-repeat: no-repeat
           background-color: rgba(50,50,50,0.3)
           background-size: 100% 68px
           border-radius: 20px
           border: solid 1px rgba(100,100,100,0.3)
           box-shadow: 3px 3px rgba(0,0,0,0.4)


For those of you who have problems with the card-modder, I just realized that it requires an internet connection.
I’ll look at fixing that.


I see this in 0.81.0

2018-10-26 22:30:36 ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.201810260",
description=“The Home Assistant frontend”,
author=“The Home Assistant Authors”,
author_email="[email protected]",
license=“Apache License 2.0”,
] http://192.168.xx.yy:8123/local/fold-entity-row.js?v=9fbaab:98:16 TypeError: this.dummy.shadowRoot.querySelector(…) is null

EDIT: FF and Chrome

Also gauge-card throws errors:

EDIT 3: Sorry, not your card! :grinning:


But you’re right we got the same problem here :
http://hassio.local:8123/local/fold-entity-row.js:98:62 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘querySelector’ of null
certainly cause by the new template rules …


There is a problem in 0.81.0 with stacks and lovelace - red screens. This should be fixed tomorrow with 0.81.1 hotfix. It’s not your lovelace file or template rules