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That almost always means that you didn’t download the raw file correctly.


I just cleared my browser cache / data which fixed it.


OK, I´ll try dl it again, usually wget work just fine


Check that the downloaded file starts with class FoldRow extends Polymer.Element {.


Finally got it to work by downloading it again, thank you!


I’m running 0.81.6. fold-entity-row doesn’t work with the section entity.

I downloaded file starts with class FoldRow extends Polymer.Element { and cleared my browser cache

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'then' of undefined
    at HTMLElement._addHeader (fold-entity-row.js?v=96f290:125)
    at dummy.updateComplete.then (fold-entity-row.js?v=96f290:107)


Try updating to home-assistant 0.81.4 or later.


0.81.2 / 0.81.4 / 0.81.5 are same error.

But 0.82.0b1 works fine.


Oh. I see what the problem is.
This version should work with earlier versions (but not look as good with the beta).

Glad to see someone is using the section row :smile:


Thank you. This version work fine on 0.81.6, but the UI…



Yeah, I know. I’l see if I can fix it later today… but I don’t know if it’s worth the effort for just a couple of days…


I think you do not need to fix it. HA will have a new version in a few days. And it will run fine with your latest version



Tired of that boring old more-info dialog?

Replace it with something you made yourself, using popup-card.



The way lovelace places cards into views may seem a bit weird if you don’t fully understand the rules.
But who wants to read the source to find out about card heights, and the limits of five and stuff? Shouldn’t things be simpler?

Yes, they should. Let me present layout-card.

Say you want to put the cards into the stacks one at a time:

Or fill each stack until you say stop and then move on to the next:

Or maybe just decide yourself how many stacks there should be:

This is your card.

This deprecates column-card.

Lovelace: column-card
My latest Lovelace Screens [Updated]
How do i move the thermostat stack to the right of my receivers?
Lovelace: column-card

Great card! Much better than the column-card.
I have two suggestions.

  1. Is it possible to add a top margin above the cards (below tabs)? Maybe as an option.
  2. Can the card correct the number of columns after opening/closing the side panel of the HA?


I fixed your second point.
There should be a margin… I’ll look at that tomorrow.


Thanks for fix. I have top margin if I change in line 18 margin-top to 4. With 0 there is no top margin.


Great cards! Thanks for share


Margins should be fixed now.


And now it also works with the thermostat card - a long standing bug of column-card.