My Lovelace Plugins


Any ideas about this?


Could you give me a link to the card?


This is the card I’m having issues with. It’s only happening with this one.


I also had the same error, just under darksaky. Here is my code.

local/custom_ui/card-modder.js:44:23 Uncaught TypeError: is not a function


Has nothing to do with the mini-media-player, but rather the entity being used by the mini-media-player

  entity: media_player.office_roku
  type: 'custom:roku-card'
    service: switch.turn_on
      entity_id: switch.office_volume_up
    service: switch.turn_on
      entity_id: switch.office_volume_down
    service: switch.turn_on
      entity_id: switch.office_volume_mute
    service: switch.turn_on
      entity_id: switch.office_power
  - media_player.office_roku
title: Office Remote
type: 'custom:popup-card'


Thanks. I understand how popup card works now. I got it to work with the Roku card. Great usage of those two cards.


That’s because I used a lot of custom cards and paulus didn’t want to confuse new to HA users. I am doing up a more “new user” friendly version of lovelace for demo page should be updated over the weekend. That is why you are seeing gaps in the demo page.


Worked like a charm, thanks a lot!


I’ve updated card-modder to work around the odd behavior of the darksky-weather-card thing…
Latest version is 70344a.


HI Jim ,

Would you care to show the conic you made for those buttons (they are buttons are they?) Lights, Devices, Climate, Scenes etc etc? You talk about Picture elements, but as this shows a completely different approach, Ive never even looked at that… Your screens make me rethink, and Id really like to get to know how you did that.


They are probably just picture cards with tap_action set to navigate.

Back in the days that was the only way to do it…


ofcourse, you can check my github page for my entire lovelace code :stuck_out_tongue: but trust me, I am not a programmer or anything. I just stumbled upon Home Assistant and so I thought lets try if I can do this. I have no knowledge of how good, nice or clean code should look like and I’m pretty sure it can all be done much simpler. But this is what I came up with which works perfect for me.

edit: I mentioned the picture-elements card because I had trouble making a rounded corner on those. The other ones are indeed just picture cards with a navigation path. But thanks to @thomasloven I know how to make rounded corners on those too.


Called it!



Sometimes you may wish to add a lot of entities to a card, or perhaps just some, but which ones may change.
Like say you want to list all lights that are turned on, or all sensors whose battery is about to run out.

My first contact with custom lovelace cards was the monster-card by ciotlosm, which does exactly this. It does have some shortcomings, though, and that’s why I made a reimplementation of it which I chose to call


Differences from monster-card includes:

  • support for actual regular expressions
  • support for custom cards (it can be used to populate a fold-entity-row, for example)
  • support for fetching entities from a group
  • ability to parse advanced attribute specifications


Now there’s the need for a:
- type: custom:thomasloven_magic_monster_update_and_whatever_comes_next_card


Awesome thanks @thomasloven


I’m going to give this a crack to see if I can use it to fix this problem:


It doesn’t seem to work with media-control and custom mini player cards… Should it? I got excited about this one specifically for this purpose (dynamically showing all plex media player playing)

*Also, could you show me an example of the combined with fold entity, etc… (I mean the lovelace code and format itself), not entirely sure how to do it along with auto-entities…

**And finally, is there a sort option? I have a view that shows me all scripts, lights, etc… I used Monster before and they were sorted alphabetically, with this one, not sorted at all…


OK well that rocks the free world…

          - type: custom:auto-entities
              type: entities
              title: NSW Warnings & Events
              show_header_toggle: false
                - entity_id: "geo_location.nsw_fire_service_feed_*"
            show_empty: true

Not sure how to integrate it into the folding-entity-row though?


so there’s 5 in the group but 2 have disappeared so they don’t show so no more nasty yellow which is exactly what I wanted…

Would be nice if they could be sorted in distance order as well…

NSW Rural Fire Service Incidents

Same problem I’m wondering about… tried a few things but can’t make it work yet

Also, it’s not yet available in the custom-updater like your other cards…