Myelas Commpact Alarm (Risco Group, Electronics Line)


Dear all,

I have been trying to figure out the adaptations needed to change the project below and to adapt it to use with Home Assistant.

I have a Electronics Line Myelas Commpact Alarm system, which works with the site and only interfaces via 3G from the alarm system, in order to get the important info from their website (alarm status, alarm triggers, enable/disable alarms) and integrate those into HA.

There is no known API from Myelas.

The project below does an implementation and it could be used as a base.

Can anyone help me how can I start coding and adapting that script?



I would like to know! Been looking for a while and still nothing.

If you find a way can you let me know?


No updates on this.
I have been able to find a python script to interface myelas but I am unable to make it work for us here. Meanwhile I bought a wemos D1 that I will use at least to monitor the siren.
Concerning all the other features that we get on the current web interface, any ideas?


The python script you have, is that the one which integrates with Smart Things? I have tested this one but i’m not getting results. I emailed the developer too but he hasn’t worked on it for a few years and wont provide help. Do you have a MyElas alarm or Risco?

What do you actually do with the Wemos D1?

I’m looking for a standalone script to control the panel and then see what I can do to link it up to HomeAssistant.


Yes, that is the one. The developer also did not offer any help. Basically the script uses an old version of the myelas portal which has, meanwhile, evolved. Now it is not useful anymore…
With the Wemos D1 you can use the digital inputs and outputs to interface the console (good enough to inform you if the alarm was triggered or to trigger it but not enough to check status and other things).
Have you ever emailed MyElas? I never done it.


i have a script working in Powershell finally! (this is the only scripting language i know) however i am now moving on to a python version of it to put into home assistant!


Would be great! :slight_smile:
In the end share your paypal addr.



I’m hoping the python wont take too long, my aim is to complete the python script by the end of the week and then get the integration working with a custom component.

In the Powershell so far, i can read the status of detectors / zones / camera’s, grab the event / error list ( i thought this may be useful to view the latest errors in home assistant) and also arm / disarm the alarm.


What type of things would you want visible or to do through HA?

Trying to put a plan together of what functions are needed.


Well, by priority (1 most important):

  1. Total and Partial Arm/Disarm, Alarm triggered
  2. Sensors status,
  3. Event list,

Now, I have no ideia if it is possible to trigger the alarm from the web or though a web based source. That would be perfect to use other kind of sensors. I believe that myelas cannot do it, so I was thinking to buy a sensor and interface it with a esp8266.


Thanks for that.

In my python script, i can no get the status of the alarm, do a full / partial and disarm of the unit.

I haven’t worked on the event list yet but that’s the next thing to look at.

Once i have a fully working python script i need to work out how i’m going to put this in HA. This is the bit i’m going to struggle with!


I am only using already built python scripts. If needed I can try to give an hand on that.


Is that from the SmartThings project?

I did have a look at that but it looked way too complicated so I just wrote my own. Keeps it simple!

Have you created many components for HA?


Not really. Just using some bits and bytes from here and there for the Sonoff devices.


Hello TooSpeedy, any development on this? Thanks!


Hello TooSpeedy, if you search a beta tester, I’m here :smile:


Would also love this addition! :slight_smile:
Need any help?


All, I have sent an email to Risco asking for an API. If the answer is negative, I hope that, at least, they can provide some schematics. WIth schemes I believe it would be fairly easy to implement an WEMOS D1 that allows us to trigger/arm/disam.



i developed a Node.js App to bridge Myelas - Risco Panels via MQTT.
Work with HA too…

If you want to test it… send me a feedback.



Hello Luca,
Thanks for this.
How are you using node.js? Have you setup a specific docker for this?