MyPlace - MyGarage and MyLights - Advantage Air

To expand on the Advantage Air integration, it would be great to include MyLights and MyPlace (Lights, Garage, blinds, anything with 240V connected to the system).

I am wanting to create automations where the garage door has a delayed open to allow music to play so the dog doesn’t skitz out when the garage door opens.

I’ve found ‘smart khaya’ is not so smart and would greatly appreciate Home Assistant integration.

@Brett_Adams I understand you are the owner of the integration so am hoping you may be able to get this working.

So at a high level I am open to doing this, but without having MyLights and MyPlace myself, I am going to need a lot of input from you, including the ability for you to run development version of Home Assistant so the code can be tested, or securely exposing your API to me over the internet.

First things first, if you could email me (brett AT the output of the ip-address:2025/getSystemData endpoint, I can use that and the very limited API documentation to prototype up some new platforms.

If anyone can convince Advantage Air to upgrade my house for free I’ll happily add all their functionality :smiley:

If there is anyone else out there that wants to have a crack at this, as Brett_Adams is unable to right now? I’m sure it’s more simple than the Advantage Air integration, with only state’s; off and on for lights and on and off for the Garage.

I personally have no idea, but would expect it’s minor modification to the current Advantage Air integration.

Sorry for the delay, #life. I am going to start working on this in the next week or so.

I have created a HACS version of the integration for you to test these new features, details at Test the new changes coming to Advantage Air using HACS

It supports every except fans now.

Hi Brett - thanks again for doing this and creating the HACS version. So far so good. Now that you’ve helped with this, I will be setting up my dashboard etc with all lights and aircon etc over the next few months (slowly but surely). I’ll report any issues if found.

I will note for other users, I had to update HA to the latest update in order for the HACS version to work (but that’s probably standard).

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