myVAILLANT integration

I’ve developed an integration for the API behind the myVAILLANT app, which lets you control Vaillant HVAC equipment (aroTHERM heatpumps, boilers, hydraulic stations, etc) from Home Assistant:

  • Supports climate & hot water controls, as well as sensor information
  • Control operating modes, target temperature, and presets such as holiday more or quick veto
  • Track sensor information of devices, such as temperature, humidity, operating mode, energy usage, or energy efficiency
  • See diagnostic information, such as the current heating curve, flow temperature, or water pressure
  • Also compatible with MiGo Link app from Saunier Duval


  1. Install HACS
  2. Search for the myVAILLANT integration in HACS and install it
  3. Restart Home Assistant
  4. Add myVaillant integration
  5. Sign in with the email & password you use in the myVAILLANT app
  6. Read more in the documentation



Entity Unit Class Sample
Cooling Allowed in Circuit 0 off
Error sensoCOMFORT problem off
Online Status sensoCOMFORT connectivity on
Cooling Allowed in Circuit 0 off
Zone 1 auto
aroTHERM plus Consumed Electrical Energy Domestic Hot Water Wh energy 0
aroTHERM plus Consumed Electrical Energy Heating Wh energy 0
aroTHERM plus Earned Environment Energy Domestic Hot Water Wh energy 0
aroTHERM plus Earned Environment Energy Heating Wh energy 334.5
aroTHERM plus Heat Generated Heating Wh energy 334.5
aroTHERM plus Heat Generated Domestic Hot Water Wh energy 0
Hydraulic Station Consumed Electrical Energy Domestic Hot Water Wh energy 0
Heating Energy Efficiency 4
Cooling Allowed in Circuit 0 off
Current Flow Temperature in Circuit 0 °C temperature 22.0
Heating Curve in Circuit 0 0.8
Min Flow Temperature Setpoint in Circuit 0 °C temperature 35.0
State in Circuit 0 STANDBY
Desired Temperature in Zone 1 °C temperature 0.0
Current Temperature in Zone 1 °C temperature 18.5
Humidity in Zone 1 % humidity 60.0
Heating Operating Mode in Zone 1 Time Controlled
Heating State in Zone 1 Idle
Current Special Function in Zone 1 None
Tank Temperature Domestic Hot Water 255 °C temperature 47.0
Setpoint Domestic Hot Water 255 °C temperature 49.0
Operation Mode Domestic Hot Water 255 Time Controlled
Current Special Function Domestic Hot Water 255 Regular
Domestic Hot Water 0 Time Controlled
Outdoor Temperature °C temperature 2.29
System Mode REGULAR
Water Pressure bar pressure 1.4

This is the library that goes along with it:


Cool - i tried but get no entities…

Installation with HACS - reboot - add integration with user/pw/country… successfully!

But no devices/entities…

Can you help?


Logger: homeassistant.components.binary_sensor
Source: custom_components/mypyllant/ 
Integration: Binärsensor (documentation, issues) 
First occurred: 16:14:50 (1 occurrences) 
Last logged: 16:14:50

Error while setting up mypyllant platform for binary_sensor
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/helpers/", line 293, in _async_setup_platform
    await asyncio.shield(task)
  File "/config/custom_components/mypyllant/", line 32, in async_setup_entry
    for index, system in enumerate(
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable

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Great, as soon as my Sensonet VR921 completes the forced upgrade to the Myvaillant app (since 24h, the device is updating), I will test the integration.

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Works very well with flexocompact 88/4 and vrc921. Thank you very much!

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Which entity do You get

Does anyone know if this is compatible with Bulex heat pumps with MiPro Sense and MiLink v3 using MiControl App?

MiPro Sense is exactly the same as VRC720 and MiLink v3 is basically the same hardware with VR921.


really I have to thank you, for this I was searching :grinning:
So I can take away the EBUS controller.
The consumption is not really to the values from the Vaillant!

The decimal point would have to be shifted by one place!

Yeah, I notices that as well - will investigate!

How does this integration defer from the MultiMatic integration from: GitHub - thomasgermain/vaillant-component: Multimatic integration for Home Assistant (also compatible with sensoAPP) ?

I’m using that but get lots of connection errors/timeouts. I’m trying to alternate my heating and boiler/buffer with the use of solar input. The system now is unrelyable because of these errors. Was looking at a EEBUS sollution when I found this.


Hi, I was waiting for this integration, unfortunately there is no option to select the country Czech Republic to fill in the integration. Would it be possible to add please?

I just had a Vaillant combi installed today along with VRC720.
Would I be right in thinking that I also need the sensoNET Internet Gateway to allow me to link HA to the app generated data?

On a side note, did your thermostat come with an outside sensor? I’m thinking my installer forgot it :upside_down_face:

It uses two completely different APIs provided by Vaillant. If you use Multimatic or sensoAPP, you won’t be able to use my integration.

I found the reason for that, the library I was using to list countries returned Czech Republic as Czechia and that wasn’t available from Vaillant. Should be fixed in the latest version.

@TheJokerHA the problem with the consumption data in my case (with a heatpump) was caused by a delay in the Vaillant API. Here’s more info: GitHub - signalkraft/mypyllant-component: Home Assistant component that interfacts with the myVAILLANT API, to control Vaillant devices such as aroTHERM heatpumps and ecoTEC boilers.
I hope it’s fixed for you as well in the latest version!

@callumw yeah, you will need sensoNET to use the myVAILLANT App (and my integration). I installed an outdoor temperature sensor that hooks up to the hydraulic station. I had to order that separately.

Okay, didn’t get that, thanks

Perfect, thank you for adding the Czech Republic. The integration works great. Is it possible to calculate the daily consumption in kWh for heating and hot water?

Bonjour @pdd et merci pour cette intégration.
Je possède un chaudière Saunier Duval Duomax avec un thermostat Miset couplé à un une passerelle Migolink et je ne trouve pas d’intégration compatible mon matériel. Pensez vous qu’il soit possible de rendre compatible votre intégration avec Saunier Duval sachant que ce sont les même produits.
J’utilise l’application android Migolink V2.4.1 (14381) qui est une copie de Myvaillant v 2.4.1(14383)
Merci d’avance,

Hello @pdd and thank you for this integration.
I have a Saunier Duval Duomax boiler with a Miset thermostat coupled with a Migolink gateway and I cannot find an integration compatible with my equipment. Do you think it is possible to make your integration compatible with Saunier Duval knowing that they are the same products?
I am using the android app Migolink V2.4.1 (14381)which is a copy of Myvaillant v 2.4.1(14383)
Thanks in advance,

Hey @telenaze, the authentication and API endpoints would probably need to be updated. In the myVAILLANT app a browser window opens when logging in. If you can grab that link and post it in here (without your email), I might be able to help you.

@jaroslav.caha you can add the energy usage to the energy dashboard to see daily / weekly / monthly totals. Or create a graph that sums up per day, I use mini-graph-card:

type: custom:mini-graph-card
  - entity: sensor.arotherm_plus_consumed_electrical_energy_heating_2
    name: Heating
name: Energy Consumption Heating
hours_to_show: 168
group_by: date
animate: true
hour24: true
  graph: bar

Merci @pdd d’avoir répondu,
Je ne peux pas créer de compte sur Myvaillant parce-qu’il me demande de scanner le qrcode de la passerelle, sinon voici le lien lorsque je clique sur se connecter.

Thank you @pdd for responding,
I can’t create an account on Myvaillant because it asks me to scan the qrcode of the gateway, otherwise here is the link when I click on connect.

et voici le lien avec Migolink:
and here is the link with Migolink:

Thanks, I added preliminary and completely untested support for this new endpoint in version 0.2.0. Let me know, if it works! Just select Saunier Duval as a brand when setting up the integration.

If you could share the login URLs with me, just like telenaze did, I may be able to add support for MiPro.