Nabu Casa Cloud Throughput

I’ve had some issues playing local media from the new Media Browser component and raised a ticket with Nabu Casa as it’s pointing at an issue with their cloud service. I’ve been told there’s a 2mb throughput limit which I wasn’t aware of. The weird thing is I can stream the same cameras which make the recordings just fine and the issue is with a 140mb 720p file which isn’t a big deal imo.

Just wondering if anyone else has come across issues streaming cameras through cloud or using the new media browser externally? To summarise the problem is attempting to play the file causes the cloud connection to become unresponsive for some minutes and the file doesn’t play.

I just wanted to post that i have also seen throughput issues. I thought it was a problem with the app when playing mp4’s inside motioneye, but after further testing, I’m pretty sure its a network bottleneck using Nabu Casa. Do you have a link anywhere stating the 2mb throughput limit? I saw the same issue with the connection becoming unresponsive or slow.

It’s not stated anywhere, it was a reply to my support ticket. I didn’t get a response when asking where this is stated or why this limitation was in place. I can understand there being limitations, it would just be nice to know about it.