I can not access my HA through Nabu.Casa. My HA is up cause I can access it on my VPN.

Anyone else having this problem?

It’s the same here

Wonder if it was something I did. I was playing around with my firewall last night. Everything was fine up until mid morning today.

working here,
but what i notice earlier, if you restart your HA, then in my case it didnt reconnect automaticly…

so went back to :, and did a reconnect
or maybe you can launch the service from HA to do a connect

Yes a restart of HA fixed it. I could see in the logs saying there was a SSL error connecting to Nabucasa.

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You’re right !!

It works

Thank you

anyone having this problem today?

not me, connected here

Working for me :slight_smile:

Working fine

I have problems today. Getting notifications, but cannot connect.

  • and i am 2500 miles from home

I have a vpn setup at home just for that reason. That way when I’m on the other side of the world I can still login to my network.

I was able to turn on port forwarding remote and get in to do a HA restart… Nabu connection is back up

Have no connection now
I am around 2000 km from home too.

The problem was with my HA server. Once I rebooted it, everything started to work agai

for me also now nabu casa down
while in overview i still see my account as connected state:

Cloud connection status


calling the service manually to connect doesnt help either


if i go to this site :
then i have this error :

Connect to your Home Assistant instance remotely.

Connection failed: No response from instance

Working all fine here without issue

yes, i restarted now HA
now its connected again, not sure what cause was

Same thing here. Father restarted and everything is fine. Do not know why pi was down